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Are you looking for the best Bitcoin betting sites to align with your sports betting requirements? Look no further as our expert team at created this review for you.

We aim to develop your understanding of what makes a cryptocurrency sports betting platform an excellent choice and the steps to find the right site for you. Our review highlights why Bitcoin is becoming a more popular currency method over fiat, so if you’d like to know more and enhance your crypto sports betting, check it out below.

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Who should use this review? Sports betting enthusiasts with varying skills

We created this review at to allow sports fans and sportsbook users to take advantage of what to look out for when choosing their preferred Bitcoin betting platform. We highlighted which customers may enjoy our detailed look into the best Bitcoin betting sites below to enhance their crypto betting journey.


If this is the first time you’re sports betting with Bitcoin, our team aims to help make your experience as smooth as possible. From discovering how you can successfully set up a Bitcoin sportsbook account online, as you’ll find later on, to using bookmakers with multiple platforms to access your account on a desktop or mobile device. We want potential sportsbook bettors who may already be sports fans to take their love for different events like football and soccer to the next level as a way to generate returns from their interests.

Experienced bettors

If you’re an experienced bettor, whether with sports, esports or using the best Bitcoin casino online, our review will help you discover which platform might be a better option to take your skills up a notch. You may be using a site that was great when you were a beginner, but the reviews on our website are excellent at highlighting more advanced platforms from top-rated names globally. So if you’re looking to boost your budget and find a site that caters to your techniques and has more advanced odds to bet on, look no further as we dive deeper into what to expect from the best sports betting platforms.

Crypto investors

Finally, our review of the best Bitcoin sports betting sites could also be useful to customers familiar with using cryptocurrencies for their online transactions. You might be looking for a way to expand how you spend your digital funds, so what better way than looking at the popular sports competitions and diversifying your crypto portfolio over time? Many new and experienced crypto investors already know how easy it is to transfer funds to and from a location, so crypto sports betting shouldn’t be that different. This is why we encourage potential customers with varying levels of skill to use our reviews to improve their performance.

How to set up an account with the best Bitcoin betting sites

For potential customers who are new to using Bitcoin sports betting sites, we put together a detailed guide to show you some generalized steps for starting your sports betting journey. You may have some experience betting with cryptos online, so we hope these steps will help you find better gambling platforms with similar registration processes. They don’t need to be overcomplicated.

Compare platform options

The first step we suggest you consider is looking at all possible sportsbook betting sites in the market before deciding to create an account. At, we look at some of the best Bitcoin betting sites and curate comprehensive reviews in one place, so you don’t have to worry about scouring the web for information. Some bookmakers are better suited for customers who are new to sports betting or using cryptocurrencies as they have odds that may not be as competitive but are more welcoming to smaller budgets. In contrast, some platforms may have more competitive odds and encourage members to wager more significant amounts to see a return on their bets.

Input your details

Once you’ve chosen the right platform for your sports betting skill level, you can now include your details on the site. These will be your name, date of birth, email address, and phone number and verify this information using a photo ID. Many platforms use this KYC (know your customer) procedure as a secure way to ensure you are the person creating an account and not a scammer. You want to use a reliable platform, so our website highlights some of our favorite options. We give you lots of information on what reputable platforms provide their customers before, during and after they’ve started to spend digital coins.

Connect your crypto payment

Your details will be inputted quickly, so you can move on to the next step before starting online sports betting with Bitcoin, which is connecting your digital currency payment option. Some sites are crypto-only and require you to choose the dame deposit and withdrawal method.

If you’re used to using fiat currencies, some crypto sportsbooks also support depositing funds using a debit card, credit card, bank transfer and eWallet. But they may not support withdrawals using all these methods, like credit cards, due to the number of hidden fees that come with internal checks. This is why crypto payments like Bitcoin are a better option as they’re more efficient, and you only need to access the funds from your cryptocurrency wallet to start betting.

Deposit an amount

You can now put funds into your account, and depending on the site you’ve chosen, there may be a minimum amount required to start with. Some platforms, like crypto casinos, encourage you to put in a specific amount of funds to allow you to be eligible to receive certain promotions, including Bitcoin casino free spins. This can also apply to sportsbook accounts where some sites want new customers to join, so they entice them with welcome bonuses or existing customer offers. So the more customers deposit and the more frequently they visit the site, the better their rewards will be.

Choose a sport and start betting

Now that you’ve put money into your sportsbook account, you can choose from the platform’s wide range of sports events and start placing your bets. There will be national and international competitions on many online crypto sports betting sites to try your betting techniques on. So if you’re new to the online industry, we recommend you start with small bets and work your way up once you get more comfortable on the site.

Why start sports betting with Bitcoin? A better option than fiat currencies

Our expert team wanted to help you determine why using Bitcoin for sports betting is the best option for new and experienced online bettors. So we detailed a few key reasons why cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular in the online gambling world and how they could improve your skills if you decide to use them over more common fiat funds.

Streamlined payment method

Using the best Bitcoin betting sites ensures you have an extensive selection of crypto payment methods in addition to Bitcoin. But whether you’re depositing money into your account or taking it out, you can rest assured it will be processed almost instantly.

However, withdrawing funds does take a bit longer, but in comparison to fiat withdrawals, you’re saving time and can see your winnings a lot quicker. As Bitcoin works through blockchain technology, your transactions are unregulated. This means there aren’t any internal checks such as you’d usually find with your bank or credit and debit card provider, so the whole process is more straightforward.

More cost-effective than fiat

Fiat currencies usually have decent minimum deposit amounts, but you may not see all of the funds in your account as transaction fees are common for online gambling sites. In other betting categories like crypto casino gambling, we discovered that if you’re thinking about using fiat coins on a Bitcoin live casino game, you may not have the same wagering requirements as you would with digital currencies like Bitcoin. Similarly, in our sportsbook review, we noticed that you could start with a smaller deposit and choose sports events that don’t require large wagers to make the most of your bets.

Anonymous transactions

Bitcoin sports betting sites process payments through advanced blockchain technology. Your transaction history is also anonymous, as the data for each purchase you make is separated into multiple blocks. Meaning it’s nearly impossible for the crypto transaction to be traced back to you. This is an excellent feature for customers who don’t want their payment information shared with a central government or third party. You also have more security when using reputable platforms. Your data is safeguarded by advanced SSL encryption features and up-to-date certificates on the websites to confirm their legitimacy.

An accessible digital coin

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to launch, and the fact it’s been around for so long makes it the most accessible digital coin for all your transactions. There are altcoin options too, and many customers find that there are certain features that you can take advantage of if you decide to use cryptos. These could include demo accounts that allow customers to practice their betting techniques before spending real funds to ensure they’re comfortable using the platform and the available odds.

Easy to set up

As we mentioned in this review, the steps you have to follow to set up a Bitcoin betting site account are pretty straightforward. This is similar to the fiat currency steps, but you will need access to a digital currency wallet as well. Luckily, some sportsbook accounts will let you purchase Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on their sites, but this may come with additional fees or hiked up prices. So we suggest you find a reliable crypto exchange to buy and sell your cryptocurrencies at the best price. You can find more information about this on our website on what types of sites to use and which ones to avoid.

Great bookmakers for crypto lovers

Top tips to enhance your Bitcoin sportsbook performance

We wanted our readers to consider these top tips to make the most out of the best Bitcoin betting sites in the market. Once you’ve found a platform you like and created your account, use these criteria to ensure you’ll have a successful betting experience when you bet online.

Double-check ts and cs

One of the most important tips to consider before and during your sports betting experience is to go through the sites’ terms and conditions. You may want to use sports betting sites that accept Bitcoins, but if you’re going to try out a different cryptocurrency, is that possible with the platform choice you’ve made? You can also discover what requirements are needed to ensure you’re using the site to the fullest. For example, if there are promotions, make sure you use them before they expire. 1

Create a budget

We also suggest that customers create a budget no matter their sports betting skill level. This can help your performance as you’re keeping an eye on how much you’re spending and how frequently you’re using the sportsbook. If you’re looking to deposit larger amounts for your wagers, consider whether your budget allows it before betting more than you can afford, as there are risks when it comes to sports betting online.

Use different platforms

We advise customers to look at to discover platforms that have a Bitcoin betting app or a fully optimized mobile website to try betting on the go. This is a great way to increase your performance more quickly than just sports betting on a desktop app. You can also discover what times during the day are better for your betting strategy, and if you want to bet from the comfort of your home or on the move, you can.

Use their customer support team

The customer service found in some of the best Bitcoin sports betting sites can enhance your performance in the long run, so consider a platform that has a responsive team. Our favorite support options include a live chat, an email address, a phone number or access through social media like Telegram. If the support is accessible 24/7, even better as you can have peace of mind knowing someone will be there to assist at all hours of the day.  

Conclusion – Discover the best Bitcoin betting sites on

Overall, using Bitcoin for your sports betting needs is an excellent way to get started in the online gambling world. We highlighted how to use Bitcoin for sports betting when setting up an account, which is a simple method for new customers and customers looking to try a different platform to test their betting techniques.

Some of the best Bitcoin sports betting sites encourage you to keep depositing funds, and this could result in loyalty rewards and exclusive access which you can use to enhance your performance. So depending on the site you use, your performance can develop more quickly than when using fiat currencies, which are not as cost-effective or efficient.

We recommend you try sports betting with Bitcoin, and if you’re interested in other betting categories, check out to discover what esports betting with Bitcoin is like too.

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✅ Can I bet esports and sports on the same platform?

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