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Top Bitcoin gambling apps

The importance of the Bitcoin betting app shouldn’t be underestimated. With the combination of crypto and betting on the go, just about anyone can bet wherever and on whatever they wish without ever needing to compromise on quality or safety.

In fact, there are now so many Bitcoin casino app and sportsbook options that one of the key challenges for those looking for their ideal mobile crypto experience is an abundance of choice. It’s a nice problem to have, but one which requires some navigation. This guide is here to help point you in the right direction.

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Why choose a Bitcoin betting app?

If you’ve never bet with crypto before, the first question that may come to mind is why would you choose the best Bitcoin betting sites and apps over more traditional payment methods? Well, a betting app that uses Bitcoin has a few distinct advantages over those using fiat currencies. Firstly, crypto is an incredible tool for people who want to maintain their safety and privacy by staying as anonymous as possible.

In addition, it opens up a whole world of international betting options. If you wanted to bet on the eSport CS:GO, for instance, but couldn’t find many apps which offered it within your jurisdiction, well, you’d be out of luck. But with CS:GO Bitcoin betting, suddenly a whole world of relevant Bitcoin betting app options would be available to you across various geographical markets. The same goes for a Bitcoin casino app, or indeed, pretty much any form of betting you can think of.

Are there any downsides?

Aside from fluctuations in value – which can also be an upside – the only real thing to take into account is that there’s a couple of extra steps involved. This includes buying Bitcoin and putting it into an online wallet before using an address to send that money to. However, all that is really very simple. Most people asking how to use Bitcoin for sports betting actually overestimate what’s required.

Plus, when you compare that against the advantages, we’d say that it’s well worthy of your consideration.

What makes the best Bitcoin betting app?

While the finest Bitcoin betting app can stand up to the best of any out there, that doesn’t mean all betting apps offering Bitcoin are made equal. In fact, while decentralization has led to a greater number of fantastic app options for all kinds of betting fans, it also unfortunately means more disappointments too.

We don’t want anyone reading this to settle for anything but their best online Bitcoin casino or sportsbook. To do that though, you’ll need to know what to look for when it comes to choosing a betting app that offers CSGO bitcoin betting and uses Bitcoin. Well, look no further, as we’ve broken it down to 10 key things we think make for the finest betting apps with Bitcoin:


You may be wondering exactly what we mean by availability when we’ve already said this is one of the biggest selling points for betting apps with Bitcoin generally. Surely any good app with Bitcoin should be available pretty much everywhere?

Well, yes it should, but there are some other things to take into account. For example, minimum deposits can exclude people on stricter budgets, so we look for as broad a set of limits as possible. There’s also the availability of the app itself, whether it’s on iOS and Android. These are just a couple of examples. Essentially, what we’re looking for is the removal of as many barriers as possible. Why wouldn’t we want everyone to enjoy the finest Bitcoin casino app or sportsbook?


Usability is another important factor in accessibility, and has the potential to prevent people from enjoying an app experience. To an extent, this can be a matter of preference. Some apps are naturally more geared towards experienced bettors, with tons of stats and details.

However, we take the target audience into account when considering the kind of product they’re offering. Whether the focus is on eSports betting with Bitcoin, casino betting, traditional sports or all three, the experience should be as intuitive and user-friendly as possible. This is the case with all of our reviews but is especially important for an app, where one highlight is additional user-friendliness. It’s also key when it comes to Bitcoin, as there’s a natural learning curve for newcomers that a good app should help them overcome.


There are security benefits to using Bitcoin over many mainstream alternatives – privacy and anonymity being clear advantages. However, that doesn’t mean it’s the only security concern. There’s also issues of fairness, encryption, reliability and responsible gaming measures that still exist with Bitcoin app betting. Apps can also be blessed with additional safety features, such as fingerprint ID.

Again, any betting app with Bitcoin has the capacity to be an incredibly safe and satisfying betting experience, but checking for the safety credentials of an operator still requires due diligence.


One of the great things about the range of Bitcoin casino app options is that it’s ever-expanding. However, this does sometimes make reputation hard to assess, particularly if an operator is brand new.

You should always look for information on an app’s reputation if you can. Our reviews can be a great place to start. If the operator hasn’t been around long enough to have a concrete reputation, you can check out user reviews, with app stores being particularly useful here. On top of that, a good app will showcase its quality in its onsite experience, so don’t be afraid to spend some time exploring it before committing to signing up.

Betting variety

An important note here is that we absolutely respect the fact that many betting apps with Bitcoin have their niches and specific target audiences. We’re not going to mark down something that advertises itself entirely as a sportsbook for not offering Bitcoin live casino games, for example.

However, what we’re looking for is as many great betting options as could be reasonably expected from that app. If it’s a sportsbook, we want as many markets covered as possible. If it’s a casino app, there should be a great selection of games. If it offers both, then we’re looking for quality and consistency across the betting products.

Exclusive games

The importance of this for you personally comes down to what you’re looking for from your betting app. That said, one thing we really love and want to see preserved as much as possible across Bitcoin casino app operators are traditional crypto games. Not only do the likes of Crash and Dice have a legacy, but they’re also tons of fun and a welcome addition in our eyes.

Live quality

It really is amazing how far online betting has come. The idea that you would be able to watch and bet on your favorite sports live from a device that fits into your pocket was, at one time, the stuff of science fiction. Add to that a decentralized currency available to anyone and you have something that is incredibly innovative and forward-thinking.

When done right, live betting on a Bitcoin casino app or sportsbook really is magic. However, it requires a broad selection of markets and technical excellence to ensure a smooth experience, with no hiccups or slowdowns.


Probably the biggest misconception about the jump from traditional payments options to a Bitcoin betting app is that there will be some kind of compromise somewhere – commonly with promotions. This is absolutely not the case. In fact, this is often why a dedicated Bitcoin app is better than an operator that just has crypto as an additional payment option. With a Bitcoin focused operator, you can be sure promotions will apply to the way you like to fund your wagers.

Make no mistake though, if you find the right app, the promotions should be fair and plentiful, from Bitcoin casino free spins to free bets on your favorite sports, including eSports.


One key element of design is the look and feel of the app. Make no mistake, this can be crucial to your enjoyment of your Bitcoin bets, so don’t overlook it.

In addition, there’s the technical side of things. We already touched on this a little while discussing live betting, but it’s vital that everything across the Bitcoin casino app or sportsbook app works smoothly. Put simply, does it look good, does it work as it should, and can you find everything you need?


We can’t tell you what innovation looks like. If we could, it wouldn’t be all that innovative. Anything that manages to be new and creative but also enjoyable is a huge plus. Always remember that there’s an enormous amount of choice out there, so something which can make an app stand out is great in our eyes. And what are both Bitcoin and betting apps about if not innovation?

Why choose Bitcoin for app betting over other cryptocurrencies?

Let us preface this by saying that there are many great other cryptocurrencies available – and they’re growing all the time. However, there can be no doubt that Bitcoin is the biggest and most successful cryptocurrency right now by some margin. Indeed, it’s hard for many to imagine a day when that isn’t the case.

Being the biggest and most popular has its benefits. There are more Bitcoin betting app options than options for any other form of cryptocurrency. This means that there’s more variety, more options for innovation, more promotions, and more choices to find one that’s right for you.

Again, any decent crypto option has the capacity to be part of a great betting app, but with Bitcoin, there’s simply more. That makes it easier to find the perfect app for you.

How to make the most of your Bitcoin betting app

It’s one thing to find a great betting app – it’s entirely another to make the most out of it. There are some simple pitfalls that so many people fall into which are easy to avoid. To help ensure you squeeze every pinch of enjoyment out of your chosen app, here’s five of our top tips:

Consider what’s right for you

Unfortunately, while we can certainly tell you which betting app operators are good and bad and why, finding one that’s perfect for you individually is a touch more complicated. To help you navigate this and find something great, we recommend asking yourself what specifically you’re looking for out of an app.

What kind of things do you like to bet on? If it’s sports, are you looking for traditional options, eSports, or both? If it’s a casino, what kind of games do you like to play? What kind of design suits you? Are you a newcomer to Bitcoin betting apps? Get as clear an idea in your mind as to what you want and then you’ll be better equipped to find it.

Check all promotional terms and conditions

As long and as occasionally dull as it might be, reading the terms and conditions fully for any promotion you’re interested in is the first step to understanding it. It’s also crucial in assessing whether it represents real value for you. This can save you a great deal of disappointment, and shouldn’t take longer than a couple of minutes. 

Try out new things

Bitcoin and betting apps are all about innovation. Therefore, it would seem a shame if you didn’t take the opportunity with your new Bitcoin casino or sportsbook app to try something new. It doesn’t have to be much, but checking out a new sport or game on a great platform can really broaden your betting horizons. There may also be promotions which provide opportunities to try out new things, such as free spins. 

Have high safety standards

We mentioned this earlier but want to reiterate here: Bitcoin alone isn’t the only safety consideration. We advise having sky-high standards when it comes to the safety of any crypto betting you choose. Make sure any app you’re using is legitimate, encrypted, and takes responsible gaming and fairness seriously. And of course, if you want a shortcut in this regard, remember that we never recommend any app or betting site that we deem as being any less than top tier in terms of safety. 

Always gamble responsibly

This is another safety consideration, but one which comes down to you to set the standards. Always remember that gambling should be fun and never bet more than you can afford to lose. Never chase losses and seek help if you need it. Many of the finest Bitcoin casino app and sportsbook options have great tools to encourage responsible gambling, such as deposit limits, reality checks and more. Take advantage of them if they’re beneficial to you. 

Conclusion: Your ideal Bitcoin betting app is out there

Just like pretty much any and all kinds of betting, we expect the selection of betting apps offering Bitcoin to get even better in the future – and it’s already at an amazing level. Everything you could want out of a betting app can be accessed with Bitcoin, with the addition of accessibility and security benefits.

Put simply, even if a new Bitcoin casino app or sportsbook were never to be created again, the current selection is already so vast and at such a high quality, that we find it hard to imagine anyone ever running out of fantastic places to bet. Finding the perfect option for you may take a little research, but we’re here to help – and we’re sure you’ll find the effort to be more than worth it.

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Bitcoin betting app FAQ

👍What benefits are there to using a Bitcoin betting app?

Our guide will take you through every little thing we think is important to know for those interested in the world of Bitcoin betting apps. This, of course, includes the question which is on so many people’s lips: why choose a betting app that specifically uses Bitcoin over traditional payment methods? And what benefits are to be enjoyed by doing so? We’ll be answering this and so much more in our guide.

🔒How can I stay safe while using a betting app with Bitcoin?

One of the best things about Bitcoin is its security advantages. It’s why so many people are looking for apps which utilize the world’s most famous and successful cryptocurrency. However, there are security considerations to take into account for any kind of app using any kind of payment method. This is vital to ensure your online experience with Bitcoin and betting apps is a happy and safe one.

📱Is there a good variety of apps that use Bitcoin?

One of the things that drives the quality of any betting site or app is the level of competition that’s out there. To put it simply, the more competition, the higher the standard at the top will be for the best bookmakers and apps. This is also the case when it comes to apps utilizing Bitcoin. As part of our guide on betting apps with Bitcoin, we’ll be discussing the level of variety currently available, so you can know what to expect.

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