Bitcoin Betting Guide 2023

How to use Bitcoin for sports betting

We at know how the sports betting market continues to grow and has seen more cryptocurrency payment options evolve. So we curated this review to discover how to use Bitcoin for sports betting enthusiasts.

Our highly skilled team looked at the ins and outs of choosing Bitcoin as your preferred betting payment method. We discuss why it’s becoming a popular choice for new and advanced online bettors and how your experience can be enhanced if you decide to use crypto. Discover the excitement surrounding Bitcoin sports betting below.

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Who should choose crypto sports betting – New and advanced bettors

At, we know various ways bettors can spend their funds online. So we created this Bitcoin betting guide to highlight which customers can take advantage of sports betting with cryptocurrencies the most.

New bettors

We think our how to use Bitcoin for sports betting reviews will be an excellent place to start for customers new to the online betting world. They may be familiar with casino gambling or have no experience spending funds online. This guide will give you a detailed look at why many individuals choose Bitcoin as their currency when it comes to using sportsbooks. As the betting world expands, more operators let customers choose cryptocurrency over fiat, with Bitcoin being a top choice. It’s one of the simplest ways to deposit and withdraw funds online, as we’ll discover as we dive deeper into our review.

Sports enthusiasts

In addition, you might be familiar with different sports events, so what better way to take your passion for football or soccer to the next level than by starting to use crypto sportsbooks? This can be an exciting way to use your funds online on something you have an understanding of already.

Crypto users

We also think cryptocurrency users could benefit from this bitcoin sportsbook guide, as it’s a great idea to diversify where you spend your digital coins. Many online bettors can take advantage of crypto-only platforms that encourage members to make the most of their deposits and even offer more than one cryptocurrency if Bitcoin isn’t your go-to.

Why Bitcoin? – How to use Bitcoin for sports betting instead of fiat currencies

We discovered that cryptocurrencies are some of the best ways for customers to transfer funds online. Our Bitcoin betting guide has detailed why Bitcoin is an excellent choice for anyone considering starting sports betting with crypto but unsure which digital coin to choose.

An accessible digital coin

Bitcoin was the first digital currency to enter the market, back in 2009. It is the most common crypto you’ll see on different trading and investment platforms. It has had years of development to ensure customers get the latest experience when they purchase or sell items online. Using Bitcoin gives you a high level of security over your funds as it works on an unregulated network, meaning no central government or third party can know about how much you’re spending when it comes to sports betting.

Competitive odds

When looking through various Bitcoin sports betting sites, our team discovered that Bitcoin was one of the best currencies to use when finding the most competitive odds on different sports events. You don’t need to start with a large wagering amount unless you’re a high roller and you prefer to, but sports betting with Bitcoin is great for customers who may be new to online betting too. Depending on the sport you choose, you can determine which odds to place bets on your betting slip, whether pre-match or in-play. We suggest you look through different sportsbook platforms to discover which odds are the best for you and your betting needs before registering an account.

How to set up a Bitcoin sportsbook account – Our step-by-step guide

For customers considering beginning their Bitcoin sports betting journey, we put together a detailed guide on what you need to do in the most reputable online crypto sportsbooks to start betting.

Research the competition 

We suggest customers research different platforms before deciding which one they want to start depositing funds into. Our Bitcoin betting guide wants you to look out for the most suitable option for your betting needs. So if you’re unfamiliar with betting platforms, compare a selection that claims to be excellent for new customers to join. And if you’re looking for somewhere with more advanced odds and features, look through the top choices until you find what you’re looking for.

Register an account

Once you’ve decided which sportsbook you want to start betting with, you can create an account. This generally takes a few minutes, perfect for customers who wish to start betting as soon as possible. You’ll need to input some information, including your name, date of birth, email address and phone number. You’ll need to verify your details using a photo ID like a passport on most platforms, but once that is complete, your account is ready to connect to a payment option.

Choosing your deposit and withdrawal method

In our how to use Bitcoin for sports betting review, our focus is on Bitcoin, but you may have other crypto options to choose from. Some sportsbooks have crypto-only options, making altcoins accessible if you want. But setting up Bitcoin is pretty straightforward and one of the most reliable digital options for depositing and withdrawing funds. You’ll need to own some crypto before you can start betting with it, and some platforms may give you the option to purchase some on their website. This may not be the most cost-effective option, as it will be more affordable to buy some beforehand. You can then transfer from your Bitcoin wallet onto the sportsbook account, which should be processed immediately.

Deposit and start betting

Once your account is set up, you can deposit a minimum amount required by the platform, which is usually equal to 10 to 20 EUR, and start betting. Most sports betting platforms are accessible 24/7, meaning you can take advantage of different tournaments nationally and internationally available and place wagers before they begin if they are in a different time zone. You may also have a bonus or welcome offer when you deposit a certain amount onto the platform, which can also be found when choosing a bitcoin casino no deposit bonus or deposit and free spin offer to consider. This is an excellent feature for new and advanced bettors who want to see their crypto funds expand online and practice their bets.

What sports can you bet on with Bitcoin? – Make our Bitcoin betting guide suit your requirements

At, we looked at several sports customers can bet online using Bitcoin. We wanted to highlight a few of the most popular sports options internationally to know if this is the most suitable online betting option to pick.


Basketball is one of the most-watched sports, and in the US, the NBA (National Basketball Association) is the most prestigious basketball competition. Depending on the sportsbook you decide to register with, there may be more options than the NBA to bet on, including college basketball tournaments popular in the US. Because basketball and the NBA are so popular, customers will have an exceptional range of odds to select, making Bitcoin betting more exciting.


Football is another one of the most speculated sports globally. The NFL is one of the most popular football tournaments monitored by fans in and around the US. In addition, the Super Bowl is one of the most eagerly anticipated annual sporting events and sees a significant number of customers bet on which team they think will win, what the half-time score will be and who will be the player with the most points.


Soccer is another great example of how to use Bitcoin for sports betting, as it has one of the largest European followings and plenty of competitions to start placing wagers on. These leagues include the English Premier League, the German Bundesliga, the French Ligue 1 and the Spanish La Liga. In addition, customers can enjoy more rare events like the Fifa World Cup, where more odds are available, like which teams you think will make the top four, which country will win, and what the final score could be.


Tennis is another sport you should consider betting on with Bitcoin, as it has exceptional odds for the range of yearly tournaments. If you’re familiar with the players and their history, this could help you make better betting decisions on events like the US Open, the Wimbledon Championships and the French Open.

Benefits of using cryptos on sportsbooks – Enhancing your performance

Our Bitcoin betting guide shows how many advantages there are if you’re considering starting sports betting with cryptocurrencies. So we listed our key features below to give you an idea of what this could be like, whether you’re using the best Bitcoin casino or the best sportsbook for all your betting needs.


Crypto payments have the fastest online processing times for your betting account transactions. Whether you have a small amount you want to send or a more significant amount, these will be transferred instantly thanks to the advanced blockchain technology. Unlike fiat currencies, cryptos don’t need to go through internal checks in the system, which can happen if you’re using a credit or debit card, for example. Your bank might need to confirm the transaction you’ve made to a sportsbook account, especially if it’s a relatively large one, so this is why cryptos can be a more streamlined option.

Low deposit and wagering amounts

Thankfully customers don’t have to worry about large betting amounts when using cryptos. When placing wagers on various sports events, customers can be assured they don’t have to start with a high value. Our review found that Bitcoin is one of the more affordable payment methods for customers new to sports betting, as you can start small and build your budget the more comfortable you get using the platform. There may also be low to no transaction fees, which is excellent for customers who want to see their funds stretch towards different sports events.

Many altcoin options

In addition to Bitcoin, there are many other cryptocurrencies that customers can choose from when they’ve learned how to use Bitcoin for sports betting online. As mentioned in our review, not every sports bettor wants to use Bitcoin. Some may be happier to stick with fiat currencies until they’re more comfortable that the betting strategies they’ve picked have been successful. Other customers may find that Bitcoin is not the least expensive option, so they want to go for something more affordable. These altcoins include Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Tether, Dogecoin and Litecoin.


Cryptocurrencies are excellent for customers who don’t want their transaction history to be traced. It’s one of the safest ways to bet online compared to fiat coins, but that doesn’t mean customers shouldn’t be aware of the disadvantages and risks associated with cryptos, especially Bitcoin, which we’ll look at below.

Sportsbook providers that have it all

Risks of crypto sports betting – key points to look out for

There are many positives to using cryptos online. Still, there are also negatives to consider, so we’ve listed some key points in our Bitcoin betting guide for new and experienced customers.


The crypto market is one of the most volatile markets worldwide. There are constant fluctuations in the prices. You may have deposited a decent amount one day, and the next day the value decreases, limiting how much you can spend. We suggest you look into the cryptocurrency that works for you the best. Bitcoin is a top choice because it’s highly accessible, and many sportsbooks are familiar with how it acts in the market. Some newer altcoins may not be that useful in the long run.


Although using Bitcoin offers customers anonymity and security when betting on sports, some platforms may not be as legit as they claim. We recommend you look through a range of top-rated platforms before deciding which one to consider. Some may have the most competitive odds for sports events but have an underwhelming security system that could leave your details exposed.

Conclusion – Use our Bitcoin betting guide to start sports betting today

Overall, we found Bitcoin to be an excellent currency to start or continue your sports betting journey with. It’s one of the most efficient ways to transfer funds and get you placing wagers as soon as your account has been set up. Once you’ve read our review and looked at our detailed guide on how to use Bitcoin for sports betting, by registering an account and setting up your preferred payment method, your experience will be as straightforward as possible when placing bets on different sports teams and events.

At, we recommend you try sports betting with Bitcoin and see how your online performance could be enhanced with cryptos. We also have more detailed guides on our homepage to help you recognize a reputable betting platform from a scam, so why not give sports betting a go today?

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How to use Bitcoin for sports betting FAQ 

📱Can I bet sports with Bitcoin on my phone?

You may know how to use Bitcoin for sports betting on a desktop, but is it possible to use it on your mobile device? We looked at a range of betting options on our website, including casino gambling and discovered some platforms provide a Bitcoin casino app for their customers. Check our website to discover if Bitcoin sports betting is available on your phone.

✨Is esports betting illegal to use with Bitcoin?

You might be interested in diversifying how you spend your cryptos online. Let’s say you know how to use Bitcoin for sports betting and want to expand to esports betting. It’s important to know if CSGO Bitcoin betting is legal in your region. Discover which countries you can access esports crypto betting sites from on our website.

❓Which Bitcoin betting platform should I join?

At, we created a Bitcoin betting guide to give you an insight into why Bitcoin and cryptos are excellent payment options. But which platform you choose is down to what you’re looking to gain from your betting experience. Whether you want a site with esports betting with Bitcoin options or just a sportsbook, check our website to discover our top platform choices.

✍How do I create a Bitcoin online gambling account?

We put together a Bitcoin betting guide with a detailed guide on how to start your online sports betting experience with Bitcoin. This could be using an online casino playing Bitcoin live games, or trying different odds on a sportsbook. Check out for information on getting started gambling with Bitcoin online.

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