Best Dogecoin Betting Sites 2023

Find the best Dogecoin sports betting sites

What was once a meme is now mainstream. Dogecoin sports betting sites and casinos are now so plentiful that you can enjoy pretty much any type of betting you could want using only Shiba Inu covered crypto coins.

But just because you can, does that mean you should? We certainly think that many crypto gaming enthusiasts could benefit from embracing this unique alternative. Here, we’ll be breaking down the what, why and where of using Dogecoin for sports betting and casino gambling to show you that the best Dogecoin betting sites are far from a joke.

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A brief explanation of the weird and wonderful world of Dogecoin

In the world of cryptocurrencies, Dogecoin remains a unique enigma. To understand whether or not sports betting with Dogecoin – or any other form of gambling with this crypto – is right for you, we should probably start by understanding the currency itself.

Firstly, Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency. Although it certainly has distinctions which make it unique, it remains a digital currency secured by cryptography which you can use to pay for things online, including betting. In terms of broad concepts and uses, it’s very similar to Bitcoin.

Unlike many other cryptocurrencies though, Dogecoin was created as a joke or “meme coin”. In other words, it was more about having fun than a serious investment – at least to begin with. Gambling is also all about having fun so, in our opinion, the best Dogecoin betting sites already had a great foundation. Many even consider Dogecoin a borderline satirical coin, making fun of the ultra popular Bitcoin.

Dogecoin’s rise to fame

Nonetheless, its popularity proved it to be a serious investment prospect and currency, partially because of its presence on the likes of Reddit. It’s a popularity that has endured too. For instance, Dogecoin went up 800% in 24 hours in January 2021, then even further to $0.50 by May that year. If that doesn’t sound like a huge amount, remember that Dogecoin was initially supposed to be close to worthless.

This increase in value really makes Dogecoin sports betting sites and casinos a more intriguing prospect. Although the loose and low risk nature of Dogecoin is part of its charm, people do also want a reasonable amount to gamble with to make things interesting.

We can’t be sure of its future value – as is the case with all crypto. We can, however, say that Dogecoin is now a seriously established cryptocurrency which you can gamble with much in the same way as you can at the best Bitcoin betting sites available. We can also say that the best Dogecoin betting sites can stand up to the world’s finest.

How Dogecoin compares to other crypto betting options

You should now have a general idea of what Dogecoin is and why there are so many sports betting sites that accept Dogecoin. However, there’s more to this coin and more which makes the best Dogecoin casino or sportsbook options a uniquely interesting experience.

Here’s a breakdown of some important distinctions between Dogecoin and other crypto alternatives. That way, you can decide whether casino and online sports betting with Dogecoin is right for you, or whether another crypto would be more suitable.

  1. Dogecoin costs less money and is worth less than many other cryptocurrencies. This can be a good or a bad thing, depending on your point of view.
  2. It’s an inflationary coin. This makes it different from cryptos like Bitcoin, where there is a limit on how many coins will be created. The impact this has on the investment prospects and stability of Dogecoin is highly debated.
  3. DOGE enjoys fast transaction speed, with a one-minute block generation time. For comparison, Bitcoin has a 10-minute block generation time. Put simply, it’s faster.
  4. It shares many technical characteristics with Bitcoin and Ethereum. For instance, they all utilize blockchain technology to secure transactions. This is a good thing, meaning that the best Dogecoin betting sites should theoretically be as secure as the finest Bitcoin and best Ethereum betting sites available to prospective bettors like yourself.
  5. It enjoys a unique, active community. Just like Dogecoin sports betting sites and casinos, Dogecoin is about having fun. And while other cryptos do have their own communities, we think it’s safe to say they can be a bit more serious.

What can I expect from the best Dogecoin betting sites?

Now you’ve got a good idea of what Dogecoin is all about, it’s time to take a closer look at how that applies to the world of gambling. What does betting with Dogecoin actually look like? Here’s what we think are the most significant aspects of the finest Dogecoin operators.

1.Great sports betting variety

The increase in value and popularity of Dogecoin really opened up a whole world of Dogecoin sports betting sites. There’s now enough interest to get sporting markets on just about any kind of event worth betting on. It’s fair to say that using Dogecoin for sports betting did expand later than casino options for the most part. But there’s no reason to go into online sports betting with Dogecoin expecting anything less than the best.

This means the biggest tournaments to the smallest leagues are covered in many instances. In fact, in some areas of gambling, the variety may be even greater. Cryptocurrency has always been a fantastic option with regards to innovation and this is also the case for sports betting with Dogecoin. For instance, we’ve found eSports betting with Dogecoin to be exceptional, and the best dogecoin betting sites are often better in this regard than some traditional options.

 2.Minimums suitable for casual players

There’s a sweet spot when it comes to cryptocurrency and online betting – and we think that for many, Dogecoin will be just about perfect. It’s not too cheap to remove the stakes of betting, but not too expensive to price people out. For many, Dogecoin will actually be a more approachable choice than something like Bitcoin, which is more expensive. This is generally reflected in minimums.

Most casinos and sports betting sites that accept Dogecoin will have reasonable betting limits. At the very least, the best Dogecoin betting sites certainly will. They’ll also typically have good upper limits too for that matter, meaning that Dogecoin might just be the most accessible crypto to bet with out there.

3.Casinos with unique games

There’s something a bit magical about the combination of Dogecoin and casinos. Perhaps it’s because Dogecoin had a relationship with casinos more prominently before sports betting sites. Back when they were low value tokens, they still worked as a fun, breezy way to play casino games.

It may also be because there’s something about Dogecoin which feels like a casino chip and fits in with the colorful world of online casinos. Perhaps it’s the crypto games which Dogecoin is ideal for. Maybe we just think the casino is a great place to take our Dogecoin to the moon. Whatever it is, it works. And the casino selection is absolutely fantastic. Whether it’s weird and wonderful left-field titles, traditional casino games, slots or even live casino action, there can be little doubt that the finest Dogecoin casinos are among the best in the world.

4.A safe online betting experience

We want to preface this by saying that excellent safety credentials are something you can find on the best Dogecoin betting sites – but don’t assume it of all. It’s vital to be vigilant when it comes to your safety.

With that said, the level of security on quality casinos and sports betting sites that use Dogecoin is world-class, with great encryption, fair privacy policies, generous terms and conditions, responsible gaming tools and more. Plus, cryptocurrency itself has a level of additional security built-in, thanks to its reliability and anonymity. And of course, the international scope of Dogecoin helps to break down barriers as to who can use crypto or from where. It also means more choice and higher standards across the board, including for security.

5.Unique, generous promotions

One thing that we absolutely love about gambling with Dogecoin is how much the promotional selection out there has increased in the last few years. At one time, you might have seen the odd casino Dogecoin bonus – now it’s pretty much expected.

In addition to that, sports betting with Dogecoin now regularly offers generous promotions for Dogecoin, which are on par with those provided to more traditional currency options. The cherry on top? Not only are the promotions great now, but there’s no reason to think they won’t get even better in the future.

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How commonly available is Dogecoin?

As Dogecoin sports betting sites and casinos are not as common as some other currency methods, it has led some people to believe there’s a lack of variety when it comes to Dogecoin operators.

It’s true that if you want to pay with your debit card, the number of bookies open to you is larger than when using Dogecoin for sports betting. It’s also true that in the world of cryptocurrency, none is as popular and, therefore, as commonly available in online gambling as Bitcoin.

However, that doesn’t mean a lack of variety.

There’s an absolutely enormous number of Dogecoin sports betting sites and casinos out there – more than you could ever need, and with enough variety to provide for pretty much all gambling preferences. It’s also worth pointing out that you’ll often find Dogecoin when looking at, say, the best Litecoin betting sites too.

Furthermore, many of the greatest Dogecoin betting sites are also available on mobile apps. It’s very likely your favorite operator can also be taken with you, whether you’re on Android or iOS. In other words, there’s a huge variety of Dogecoin betting options, whatever you’re looking for across virtually all devices.

The only issue then is that people may struggle to find Dogecoin betting sites while searching across operators, as it’s not as common as some other payment options. Well, that’s where we come in. Here at eSportsBetting, our aim is to help highlight the best betting sites for all kinds of currencies and all types of bettors, so you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

How to bet with Dogecoin

If you’ve ever bet with any kind of cryptocurrency before, then you’ll know exactly what to expect when it comes to casino or online sports betting with Dogecoin. Although there may be some small differences in terms of the registration across different bookmakers, betting with most cryptocurrencies is exactly the same.

If Dogecoin sports betting sites and casinos are your first experience of cryptocurrency betting, here’s a really simple step-by-step breakdown of everything you need to do:

  1. Find a Dogecoin betting site you like.
  2. Sign up to that betting site.
  3. Get a crypto wallet.
  4. Choose a crypto exchange.
  5. Purchase Dogecoin on that crypto exchange.
  6. Transfer your newly purchased Dogecoin to a wallet for storage.
  7. Send your crypto to the relevant address, which will be made available through your betting account.
  8. Choose whatever game you wish to play or market you wish to bet on.
  9. Stake funds as you would usually, by telling the bookmaker how much you wish to bet and on which game or market.
  10. If you win, you can withdraw your funds back into your crypto wallet using your wallet address.

Are Dogecoin betting sites right for me?

Still not made up your mind on whether to seek out Dogecoin for your online betting yet? Perhaps you’d prefer another cryptocurrency or to utilize fiat currencies instead? Make no mistake, the best Dogecoin betting sites can stand up to any competition – but to an extent, your ideal currency and betting site comes down to what works best for you personally.

Our simple quiz is here to help you decide whether Dogecoin is right for you. If you answer yes to most of these questions, then there’s a good chance you’ll really enjoy what Dogecoin has to offer:

  • Do you want a currency which is secure and anonymous? 
  • Do you want that currency to be available at an affordable price?
  • Are you willing to check in with the current value of Dogecoin every so often to ensure you know how much your bets are worth? 
  • Is a fun and vibrant community important to your choice in cryptocurrency? 
  • Do you mind taking the few extra steps it requires to purchase Dogecoin? 
  • Are you fine with checking out some bookmakers and casinos that might not be household names?

Conclusion: Fun is at the heart of Dogecoin sports betting sites and online casinos

Betting is at its best when fun is the main priority. No alternative cryptocurrency achieves this as well as Dogecoin. We would say this quirky crypto coin boasts the most warm, welcoming and accessible crypto community out there. The affordable price alone will make this the crypto of choice for many betting fans.

When you back that up with a fantastic selection of betting sites that have gone from strength to strength in recent years, we would argue that the finest Dogecoin sports betting sites and casinos are up there with the absolute best in the world. We also think that Dogecoin may be the perfect option for many of our readers who are looking for a currency that is both user-friendly and offers the benefits of crypto.

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Best Dogecoin Betting Sites FAQ

🐶Can I bet using Dogecoin?

If you’re new to crypto betting sites, and especially to the meme-friendly world of Dogecoin, then your first question when approaching our guide on the finest Dogecoin betting sites is likely very simple. Can you bet with Dogecoin? We’ll be answering this question and much more as part of our extensive guide. Check it out to learn more.

❓What can I expect from Dogecoin betting sites?

What exactly does a world class Dogecoin betting site look like? What should you be looking for when finding the right one for you? Not only will our in-depth guide answer these questions but we’ll also be providing a comprehensive breakdown of all the key things you can expect from the greatest Dogecoin betting sites in this article.

👍Is betting with Dogecoin right for me?

Finding the right currency for betting, much like finding the right operator for you, is to a large extent a matter of preference. Don’t get us wrong, we think Dogecoin is fantastic, and will be the right option for tons of our readers. But it’s possible someone reading this guide would be better suited to something else. That’s why, as part of our look into the finest betting sites with Dogecoin, we’ll be offering a short guide to help you decide whether the most memeable of cryptos is your ideal choice.

💰How does Dogecoin betting compare to other forms of crypto betting?

In order to understand how to find the finest Dogecoin betting site for you, which is what our extensive article on the subject is all about, it’s best to first understand the currency itself. We’ll be breaking down all the key things to know about Dogecoin, including how it compares to other crypto coin options, to give you the most comprehensive guide possible.

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