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When it comes to crypto betting, Dogecoin just has that bright aura of fun floating around with it everywhere it goes. Dogecoin is also a great crypto betting option, and that’s why we’re looking into the best Dogecoin casinos available.

We’re discussing the birth of Dogecoin, how we conduct our expert crypto betting platform reviews, and provide a taste of esportsbetting’s top tips, so you’ll want to take a seat and stay as we introduce you to the world of crypto betting with Dogecoin. We also answer all of your most burning questions, so stay tuned for some great convo!

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Dogecoin: the only crypto based on a meme

With all the cryptocurrencies that have emerged in almost a decade, Dogecoin has an interesting and quirky ring to it that makes this currency stand out from the rest. Dogecoin is the only digital currency based on the famous doge meme, which features a Japanese dog called a Shiba Inu with different captions.

How it started

Dogecoin is an open-source cryptocurrency and a joint project started in 2013 by Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer. Initially, Dogecoin started as a joke based on that famous meme, and it started gaining traction almost immediately even though the owners did not mean for Dogecoin to become a competitive cryptocurrency.

Dogecoin casinos, in terms of blockchain technology, work very much the same as Litecoin betting sites as both Dogecoin and Litecoin have similar blockchain platforms.

How it’s going

About one week after launching Dogecoin, it became the second-most-tipped currency online, according to its founders. When Dogecoin was launched in 2013, it had a much lower entry barrier than Bitcoin, which made it accessible for people who are interested in crypto but don’t have bucket loads of money.

During the infamous Reddit/Gamestop episode, Dogecoin made a huge splash as its stock surged over 600% in only 24 hours. This cryptocurrency has a bit of a cult status as it is used by many who claim to be anti-Wall Street, but this is not a view held by the creators and owners specifically.

Now, as online gambling and sports betting have become increasingly popular, using cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin is a preference for many online bettors. The demand for crypto options at casinos is constantly increasing, and so is the popularity of using Dogecoin as your gambling crypto of choice.

How we find the best Dogecoin casino: our review process

Finding the best Dogecoin casino requires a rigorous review process, and our team of experts make sure that they cross every “t” and dot every “i” during their investigation. Here are the main components we look at when reviewing the best Dogecoin casinos.

Operator legitimacy & site security

Just like any other online casino, a crypto casino and, more specifically, the best Dogecoin betting sites will always have the proper licensing and abide by regulatory requirements in the regions it offers its gambling services.

Because online gambling at unregulated and unlicensed online casinos can not only turn out to be a complete rip-off but also put customers in danger, it’s paramount that sound legal adherence and compliance are established before we go any further with the reviewing process. What this means is that we’ll never recommend a Dogecoin casino that does not have proof of the required licensing and regulatory compliance, so you can go on and play your favorite games at Dogecoin casinos with peace of mind.

Payment ease and options

What can be so difficult about making a crypto transaction into a crypto gambling site account? You never know, specifically when it comes to withdrawal requests, so we take a close look at the procedural aspects of depositing and withdrawing with Dogecoin and whether it’s customer-friendly or not.

Customers should never have to force online gambling operators to pay them their winnings, no matter if they’re playing at crypto casinos or Dogecoin esports betting sites. Additionally, depositing with crypto should be super-fast, if not instantaneous. We understand that, with a withdrawal process, things can take slightly longer, but payment waiting periods should be reasonable as deposits and withdrawals are crucial, not only for the Dogecoin casino you decided to fund, but also for you when the casino needs to return any possible winnings.

Customer support quality

Is customer support less prevalent when it comes to betting with Dogecoin? Considering that it’s only what you’re betting with that is different from a real-money online casino and that there are still deposits and withdrawals taking place, Dogecoin casinos should reach the same customer service level as any other online casino.

We usually like to see a 24/7 live customer chat service that is actually responsive, along with some other options like an email, a callback request, or even social media platforms that answer DMs or PMs. Customer service should be quick and efficient, and the agents at work should be professional at all times.

Finally, a solid FAQ section never hurt anyone, and we like this addition as it encourages customers to find answers to basic questions without having to contact customer support.

Site interface & functionality

The look and feel of an online gambling platform can be very influential when looking for the best Dogecoin casino. We as humans are all visually oriented creatures, so when opening a new Dogecoin casino platform, if you’re faced with complete disarray, that’s definitely going to put you off going any further. It’s also a hint that customers will feel the same if a site is not functional and pleasant to look at, but we also consider that taste may differ when it comes to appearance.

For example, some customers may like an ultramodern and minimalist look for crypto betting with Bitcoin, while others still enjoy the casino look as it just puts you in the casino vibe.

All in all, we focus on what will work for most and give you our objective opinion.

Bonus offers

If you could choose, would you take the best dogecoin casino offering no bonuses or a great dogecoin casino offering loads of promos? For us, offering bonus deals and promos for new and existing customers is an important component to check out when conducting our in-depth online dogecoin casino reviews.

Most online casinos, including the best online dogecoin casinos, will have a great welcome deal available for new customers along with some more promotions that keep their existing customers happy. We look at both, but we specifically focus on the welcome offer as this is what’s going to make the first impression.

On the other hand, Dogecoin casino sites might offer a good-looking bonus, but if it’s not playable, they’ll definitely lose points.

Software providers

Software providers can make or break a Dogecoin operator’s game quality, also with regard to RTP rates. We’re not saying that using a lesser-known software provider is a bad thing, but there are some tried and trusted brands out there that we’re always looking for when we conduct one of our best Dogecoin casino reviews.

Casino games produced and developed by renowned software providers are the preference of most online casino players, whether they’re your usual online casino or a crypto casino. So when we encounter some big names, we’re thrilled; additionally, we won’t just throw away an unknown software provider, but we are on the lookout for those with bad reps when it comes to gaming software.

Five nifty tips for finding the Best Dogecoin Casino

Everyone can benefit from a few crypto betting tips here and there, and even a reminder of the simplest thing can help any dogecoin bettor to make good choices by seeing their own betting “big picture”. Here are some general tips for any Dogecoin betting fanatic who is on the lookout for the best Dogecoin casino. Don’t underestimate their simplicity, though, as they carry their weight in gold.

Read reviews – lots of them

The best information you can get about an operator’s licensing, general useability, and game quality from a factual perspective, you can find in our best Dogecoin casino reviews. However, you’ll also be able to benefit by reading a range of customer reviews.

If the online crypto casino is new and there are not really that many customer reviews yet, then looking at an objective operator review from is your best bet. Just keep in mind that customer reviews can add some perspective to your overall idea of what a crypto betting site is like if you know how to filter and interpret them.

For example, customer reviews that are better left out of the equation are those of enraged customers or that elated customer who won a massive amount of money on a bet. Although these reviews can help you get an idea of the operator, the emotional customer can make the review misleading. Focus on finding patterns and trends in customer review sections and looking for points that are often emphasized.

Take a look at the promo section

Any quality crypto casino will have a fleshed-out promo section just like your top real money online casinos. Thus, if you want to get a glimpse of whether the operator is customer-oriented, the promo section won’t lie.

One scenario is that there are loads of promotions, but all of them have steep wagering or playthrough requirements, basically making them window dressing. On the other hand, if a Dogecoin casino offers a smaller variety of promotions that are all feasible and accessible, it’s definitely a better choice.

The best Dogecoin casino is the one that’s the most customer-oriented. To reach a high level of customer-oriented service, an online crypto casino will automatically have to offer quality across the board.

Look for hidden fees in the payment section

Online crypto casinos are known for their speedy payment options as there are no banks involved and blockchain technology makes everything much more efficient when it comes to processing deposits and withdrawals.

So if you’re looking at an online Dogecoin casino and you find that the operator requires an extra deposit or, more likely, withdrawal fees, run for the hills.

There is really no reason for a crypto betting site to ask for extra transaction fees if the currency and payment method you’re using doesn’t. And when it comes to cryptocurrencies and operators like betting sites that accept Ethereum, it is widely known that you just don’t pay for making crypto transfers, which is one of the great benefits of betting with crypto.

You’ll also be able to find these little hidden details in our operator reviews as we comb through each Dogecoin betting site’s rules and regulations — no matter how small the print.

Game variety & quality

Finding the best Dogecoin casino for you means you have to look at the games available on the platform. If you’re not interested in playing any of these games, then there’s no point in signing up.

If you’re looking for a platform that offers a wide variety of casino games like slots, table games, live casino games, and jackpots, then don’t settle for an operator that only offers slots. And even if you’re only into slots, finding a quality Dogecoin online casino that offers a great slot section with other quality options as well is a bonus for those days when you feel like you want to try out something new.

Game quality is very important, but you don’t have to worry much about that as we provide all the details you need to ensure you’re not stuck in video poker limbo for what seems like an eternity.

Look for games offering wagers in Dogecoin

Finding an online casino supporting your favorite cryptocurrency is a win. However, can you deposit and withdraw using cryptos only or can you actually use your crypto of choice to wager with in your favorite games?

If an online Dogecoin casino offers you the opportunity to not only deposit but also play in your favorite cryptocurrency, this is a sign of quality as not all cryptocurrency casinos have a wide range of this feature. You can find the latest details about Dogecoin casino games in this section, so keep it close!

Your most urgent FAQs about the Best Dogecoin casinos

Do Dogecoin casinos have a faster withdrawal process?

In general, all crypto options have a faster withdrawal process than fiat and banking-related options. Dogecoin should be no exception, and from what we’ve seen when conducting our reviews, transactions with Dogecoin are usually almost instant.

This is one thing that makes crypto casinos like the best Dogecoin casinos stand out as customers don’t like waiting for your money. We’re pretty sure that’s why this question is one of the top FAQs!

Is crypto gambling fairer than gambling with real money?

The general answer to this question is yes; however, it depends on how you define fairness. If you’re referring to the fact that blockchain technology, which is the foundation of any crypto casino, automatically offers a clear and trustworthy platform for online gamblers, then we would wholeheartedly agree.

If you were hoping that blockchain technology will help you to win more or keep an online casino from losing a good reputation, then know that blockchain technology makes online crypto casinos fairer by making all components of the gambling process transparent. However, the rest is up to the operator and to you for making a wise choice.

Do the best Dogecoin casinos need to be licensed?

In our expert opinion, you should never sign up at an online casino that is not licensed and regulated. These checks and balances keep the online casino operations in the green zone and ensure that online gambling operators stick to certain rules and regulations that benefit customers.

Considering these aspects, the best Dogecoin casinos should definitely be licensed and regulated to provide their online gambling services.

Our picks for the best casino providers with DOGE

Why should I choose a Dogecoin online casino?

Dogecoin is a great crypto to bet with, especially if you’re starting off on your first crypto betting experience. To purchase Dogecoin itself is not as expensive as other cryptos like BTC, but apart from that, it’s a great crypto that is supported by a good number of top online betting sites.

Always keep in mind that choosing a Dogecoin casino shouldn’t be just about the Doge — the operator should offer a variety of quality services, and that’s why we base our online dogecoin casino reviews on specific criteria. All crypto bettors want to bet using their favorite cryptocurrency at an otherwise top-quality casino.


You can bet your collection of Doge memes that there are some fantastic Dogecoin casinos out there, and finding the best Dogecoin casino for you is exactly what we want to help you with.

Not all crypto gambling sites support Dogecoin, or all cryptocurrencies for that matter, but there are nifty Dogecoin options out there that any Dogecoin fan will love and appreciate for their overall quality and security. If you want to find your best Dogecoin casino, stick with us!

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Best Dogecoin casino FAQ

👮Are Dogecoin casinos safe?

If you want to find a safe Dogecoin online casino, you’re in the right place. Even though crypto is considered to be safer based on the basics of blockchain, it’s also important to educate yourself about how a proper online casino functions and what you should expect from one. You can find details about Dogecoin casinos right here on our site.

🏆Where can I find the best Dogecoin casino?

If that’s your question, then we’re glad you stopped by! If you’re looking for a top Dogecoin casino, we are the experts you’ve been looking for. All you need to do is navigate to our review section, and you’ll find in-depth details about the best Dogecoin casinos.

❓Do Dogecoin casinos offer other crypto options for online gambling?

There are many online crypto casinos that offer a variety of cryptocurrencies for transfer and betting purposes. Whether you’re looking for ETH, BTC, LTC, or TRON, you’ll find the top information about betting with Dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies on our site.

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