Best crypto esports betting sites

Find the best crypto esports betting sites

We at know the crypto gambling industry is developing and allowing more customers with different betting preferences to start their experience online. So if it’s casino gambling, sports betting or crypto esports betting, we’ve got you covered.

Our expert team detailed the ins and outs of esports gambling, so if you’re beginning or have advanced skills and are looking for a new platform to expand your performance, we will help you discover what the most reliable site looks like. So if you’re interested in taking esports betting to the next level, look below.

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The top crypto esports betting sites

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Who should make use of the comparison? – Esports enthusiasts

Our experts put together this crypto esports betting review to help customers with different online esports experiences find the most suitable platforms for their betting needs. So whether you’re new to the online gambling world and looking for a category to start with or have experience, our team is here to help you improve your performance in the long run.

New customers

If you’re a newbie, you may want to discover what makes platforms the best crypto esports betting sites in the market. Our review will give you a comprehensive look into the best esports platforms and the key criteria needed to take your skills to the next level. You might be unfamiliar with how to use cryptocurrencies online, but we found in this review that they’re more efficient than traditional fiat currencies. At, our team looked at the variety of esports games for you to consider betting on. You’ll be able to speculate which competitor will win and have a look at the most popular odds depending on the platform you decide to register with. These games include real-time strategy options, fighting games, first-person shooter games and multiplayer online battle area games.

Advanced players

You might be familiar with how the online crypto gambling world works, so if you want to find a new platform to try out your esports betting skills, our review will give you an insight into what to look out for to find the site that aligns to your betting strategies the most. If you’re used to other betting categories like sports betting or casino gambling, we think you’ll enjoy esports gambling as an additional way to diversify your betting portfolio and watch your crypto budgets expand in the long run. It’s becoming one of the next popular crypto betting options as more online platforms accommodate customers with only digital coin payments, which can be more cost-effective.

Esports spectators

In addition, you might be someone who knows the esports gaming world, and either had some experience playing esports tournaments or watched them take place on platforms like Twitch and Youtube. So what better way than to enhance your experience by betting on your interests. You may already have a favorite esports game that you follow, whether it’s the League of Legends tournaments or Dota 2. So our review will help you discover the best platform to place your bets, live stream the matches and speculate on favorite players to win.

Operator checklist: 5 things we look for when rating operators – Our top five criteria

At, our team wants you to have the best online crypto esports betting experience, so we created our checklist of the top five criteria to consider when making your decision.

Customer reviews

We recommend customers look through previous and current customer reviews as this can give you an honest insight into what the platform is like. Esports crypto sites are still pretty new to the online gambling world, so some sites might claim to be a good choice but not live up to their standards, as customers will reveal. Customer reviews can be an excellent way to determine what features of the platform, especially if you’re new to finding an esports site. We think looking through opinions from individuals who have a similar skill set to you can be beneficial in choosing the right site.

Sites’ security features

We found that the best crypto esports betting sites should have advanced security measures to ensure customers’ data is safe. This could include SSL encryption that sites use to ensure the website and the customer details aren’t tampered with. Additionally, the registering process should follow certain procedures like a KYC (know your customer) protocol. You’ll need to give your name, date of birth, and email and verify it with a photo ID. Some platforms may not ask for it, but we recommend you check their terms and conditions to see what other security features are in place to confirm you’re sharing your information with a legitimate site.

Any new and existing customer offers

We think potential esports customers should look at the platform bonuses and promotions. Depending on the site you decide to register to, there may be new customer offers to use towards your esports betting performance. There could also be existing customer promotions for loyal users of the site. We think this can be a great way to take your betting performance to the next level. At, we looked at casino gambling and sports betting and found that customers can improve their skills by using potential bonuses, which allow users to have more chances to place their bets.

Payment options

We think you should find an esports betting site with a selection of crypto payments. Some may not be crypto-only sites and provide fiat currencies, which can be good for individuals who aren’t ready to use digital coins completely but have the option. This can include common methods like debit and credit card payments, bank transfers and eWallets. Cryptocurrency options include the most common Bitcoin and altcoins like Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Tether and Litecoin. Our review discovered the best crypto esports betting sites use digital coins for deposits and withdrawals and have zero to low fees, which is more cost-effective than fiat options.

The platforms’ regulations

The esports betting site you decide to use should be a trustworthy option, so we recommend potential customers look at the sites’ regulations to ensure they’re fully accessible in your region. Crypto payments are available worldwide, but the site you’re using might not allow you to use all its features if it’s authorized, so look at the platform information to avoid any security issues in the future.

Finding the right operator for you – Discovering an ideal platform for your betting needs

Our website has some of the most comprehensive crypto esports betting reviews to help narrow down your decision. We mentioned this review was a great resource for customers with different skill levels, and that’s what we also discovered when creating our reviews online. We recommend you check out our full list of reliable platforms to help you determine which is a great choice to start your esports gambling journey, like and BetWarrior. Our homepage will guide you to some of the most secure sites in the market as we highlight those with advanced safety measures in place that are fully regulated for new and existing customers to enjoy. At, our reviews showed us regional and international games members could play from the comfort of their homes. So you can access the platform at various hours of the day and night to place your bets and familiarize yourself with different tournaments to make the most of your esports techniques.

Various betting options

If esports betting is not your preferred category to spend your digital funds on, or you want to diversify your betting portfolio, we also have other betting site options to consider. These include some of the best Bitcoin and crypto-based online casino sites, including an impressive range of casino games like live dealer options, table games and slots. You can also find some platforms that offer sportsbooks, either a sports betting site in itself or in addition to esports or casino gambling.

5 ultimate tips for using the best operators – Enhancing your crypto esports betting experience

Creating a budget

It’s essential to create a budget; whether you’re new to esports betting or experienced, you should stay on top of how much you’re spending each day, week or month you use the site. The best crypto esports betting sites should cater to different budgets, so if you want to start with small deposits, you can. And if you’re going to increase your amounts, the site should have impressive maximum limit amounts. In most top crypto gambling sites, the minimum you can deposit is equivalent to 10 or 20 EUR, for example. And with cryptos like Bitcoin, you won’t have to worry about transaction fees, as these aren’t common with digital coin payments.

Preparing for wins and losses

The online gambling world can be great for your crypto portfolio as you could have successful betting days. But you could also have days where you aren’t as successful in your bets. This is one of the main features of crypto esports betting, so be prepared for more wins and losses whether you’re new to gambling and using small budgets, or you’ve had experiences online, and you’re more of a high roller. As esports betting means you can live stream the tournament and bet simultaneously, something could change the outcome of the odds you choose, so keep that in mind when gambling online.

Utilize customer service options

We recommend customers use the platforms’ customer support methods to enhance their performance. Our top customer service choices include a live chat, phone call, an email, and access to their social media platforms like Telegram and Twitter. If you can find a site that has 24/7 support, even better as you can take advantage of their responsive team. The quickest way to receive support is through a live chat that usually responds within a few minutes. But if you want a more detailed answer, you can send your queries via email. Some esports sites can use social media options like Telegram to give out promotional codes and tips for customers to improve their performance the more frequently they use the platform.

Try esports betting on the go

If you’re looking to improve your esports betting skills, we suggest looking for operators with a crypto betting app or a fully-optimized platform on your mobile device. These can be easy to download on any Android or Apple device, meaning you can grow your performance quicker than someone who only uses the betting site on their computer. Some of the most popular crypto esports sites develop their internal services to encourage customers to keep using their features. If a mobile site is available, this can enhance your skills and help your performance in the future.

Practice your strategy

It’s important to practice how you’ll play the online esports games, so working on a platform that allows you to test your skills is an excellent resource. Some esports betting sites include a demo account, allowing customers to try out their techniques before spending real funds. You might even be able to use promotions on the demo mode to see how realistic your strategy will play out.

Conclusion – Expand your crypto esports betting skills today

Overall, we think you can find the most suitable esports sites for customers with beginner and advanced skills. Some of the best crypto esports betting sites  will cater to various budgets, so if you’re looking to start small or you’re more of a high roller, you can improve your performance at your own pace. We recommend you give esports betting a try, as our website has some of the most in-depth reviews to help you decide which platform is the right option for you and your betting needs. We also highlighted the crypto gambling sites to avoid as some platforms are more susceptible to hacks, so making the right decision before spending your funds is essential to your esports experience.

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Crypto esports betting FAQ

❓Which crypto esports site should I use?

Some of the best crypto esports betting sites are better suited to more advanced online gamblers who frequently use the platform. Whereas others are great for customers of varying skill levels. So to discover the latest crypto gambling news and find which esports platform is the most suitable option for you, check out our latest reviews.

✅Is crypto esports gambling legit?

The crypto gambling world continues to evolve worldwide, so at, we looked at some of the top-rated platforms to discover how legit they are for new and experienced customers. Our crypto esports betting reviews will help you determine what it takes to be a reliable site, so whether you’re looking for crypto betting vouchers or the best promotional codes, check out our website.

✍Can I bet on esports and casino games on the same platform?

At, we found the best crypto esports betting sites that allow customers to try their strategies on various games and tournaments. There may also be a demo account for you to use before spending your funds. If you’re looking for the best crypto online casinos, our website has some of the latest reviews. So if you wish to discover if you can bet both categories on the same platform, check out our website.

💸How much should I deposit to start esports gambling?

Depending on the crypto esports betting site you decide to register with, you will discover different deposit and withdrawal requirements to use the site. So if you wish to start with a smaller budget or a more significant amount, check out our website to discover up to date news on the esports betting market.

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