Crypto Dice Games 2023

Learn how to play Crypto Dice Games

Dice games have been around for centuries, and they continue to appeal to bettors around the world to this day. But now it’s also possible to play crypto Dice games too, and we’re here to explain how they work.

We’ll be explaining what Bitcoin Dice games are and how they differ from other types of Dice games that you might have come across. We’ll be looking at some useful playing tips, as well as offering advice on finding a safe and reputable crypto casino to play at. So get ready – your crypto Dice journey starts right here!

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What are crypto Dice games?

The humble dice is a simple cube, each face of which has a number of dots from 1 – 6, and opposing sides that always add up to 7. Their earliest use was as a form of divination, but it wasn’t long before they became associated with games of chance. And these days dice games are always a big draw at land-based casinos, with the main options being:

  • Craps
  • Sic Bo
  • Banka Francesca
  • Chuck-A-Luck
  • Klondike

Both Craps and Sic Bo have become extremely popular at online casinos too, so you don’t have to travel any distance at all to enjoy playing these games in the hope of winning real-money prizes. And now that crypto casinos are joining the online party, a brand new type of dice game has been developed, in the form of crypto Dice, or Bitcoin Dice as it’s sometimes known.

How to play crypto Dice games

Just about every crypto casino offers its own form of Bitcoin Dice, depending on which software developers it’s partnered with. But although they may vary in their design and presentation, they all tend to operate along very similar lines.

You’ll be presented with a horizontal line, on which sits a slider that you can adjust to set your preferred number. The line to the left of the slider will be in one color, and to the right of the slider will be in a different color. Now all you have to do is decide whether the roll of the dice will land in one colored portion or the other. And that’s it!

There are a number of variables in the game, so you can adjust it to suit your budget and your attitude towards risk. As you adjust the slider, you’ll see your percentage chances of winning changes accordingly, as do the potential cash prizes on offer. Once you’ve adjusted the parameters to your liking, just hit the Play button and wait to see whether the dice have rolled in your favor!

Crypto Dice game strategies

It sounds simple, but as with so many casino games, like crypto baccarat and crypto roulette, you’ll need to take on board a few rules if you’re going to make the most of your wagering opportunities. The numbers that come up will always be completely random and therefore fair – so there’s no sure-fire way of guaranteeing a winning result. But these strategies should at least ensure you minimize any losses.

Choose your number range

Some Dice games offer a range of numbers up to 100, whilst others can go much higher – even up to 10,000 or more. But a bigger range won’t necessarily give you more chances to win, so take your time to explore a few games to find the ones that are most suitable for you.

Divide up your bankroll

It’s certainly theoretically possible to blow your entire bankroll on a single game of Bitcoin Dice and land a win, but it’s not particularly likely. And it’s certainly not the way to maximize your gambling funds either. So we recommend dividing your bankroll up to give you as many games of crypto Dice as possible. You’ll have more fun, as well as more chances to land a win!

Bank half of your winnings

Every online casino, whether it permits wagering in fiat currency or crypto, relies on the fact that bettors tend to plow their winnings back into gameplay. But that gives the potential to lose them, so we recommend always setting aside half of every win. It may not amount to a great deal, but it’s definitely a whole lot better than nothing!

Explore wagering strategies

Steer well clear of any system guaranteeing that you’ll end up a winner, as that’s not possible to predict. But studying a few wagering strategies can certainly help to keep losses to a minimum. The most popular is the Martingale strategy – with this method, winning bets stay the same, but you double your wager every time you lose. Over time, the theory is that you’ll win back your losses, but it’s by no means foolproof.

Or how about the Paroli or D’Alembert betting systems? Whichever strategy you opt for, there’s some complicated math to show how it might affect your bankroll over time – but it’s a matter of personal choice whether you decide to adopt any of them for yourself.

Another top way to stay on top of strategy is to read the game guides. Like with this Dice review, our crypto blackjack guide and Keno reviews paint the full picture of how the games should be played for optimal results.

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Where to find the best crypto Dice games

Staying safe online should be your primary concern when considering which crypto Dice games to play. Scam operators are always on the lookout for ways to part the unwary investor from their digital assets, so here’s what you need to look out for in an online casino:

 A valid license

Cryptocurrency casinos may not require the level of regulation that more traditional online casinos do, but some form of certification is absolutely essential. Look for an operator license from a reputable industry regulator – and don’t sign up if you can’t find one!

Top-notch security

You don’t always have to give out any personal details when you sign up to a crypto casino, but you will be transferring Bitcoin or altcoins to a casino wallet address. Can you be certain that you’ll retain control of your private crypto keys following the transfer? Crypto transactions can’t be reversed, so it’s absolutely essential to have trust and confidence in the other party.

Great customer support

Whether it’s a technical issue or a question about a bonus promotion, we all experience issues from time when playing casino games online. So it’s important to check out the customer support options, including operating times and contact methods.

A solid reputation

An online search will quickly throw up user feedback on any casino offering crypto Dice games. Site users tend to leave feedback about an operator’s positive and negative points, so this is a great way of getting to the heart of an operator’s trustworthiness.

But nothing beats reading our crypto casino reviews. That’s because we’re ardent crypto fans who love nothing more than to spend some of our leisure time wagering on our favorite online games. We know exactly what to look out for, and our commitment to online safety means you can put your complete faith in our crypto casino reviews.  From the cryptocurrencies accepted to the games on offer, we give you the complete picture, so you can; make informed decisions.

Conclusion: we’ve got full details of the best Bitcoin Dice casinos

If you haven’t tried Bitcoin Dice yet, then we can definitely recommend that you give it a shot. These games don’t have the most thrilling graphics or designs, but just like Crash, they’re perfect for blockchain gaming – and they often come with a provably fair algorithm too, so you can check for yourself that every game is random.

You can play crypto Dice on desktop PCs or smartphones, and with instant transactions, zero fees and complete anonymity, we think this is destined to be the future of online wagering. So pick out your crypto casino operator, grab yourself an introductory bonus and start enjoying the thrills and spills of playing crypto Dice games for yourself.

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Crypto Dice Games FAQ

🎲 Where can I play crypto Dice games?

There are plenty of online casinos offering the chance to try Dice games using crypto, but how do you tell which ones are genuine? Choose the wrong operator and you’ll never see your crypto again, so making the right choices is crucial. That’s something we can help with, so come and check out what we have to say – you’ll be so glad you took the time!

🔒 Is it safe to play Bitcoin Dice games?

Choose the right crypto casino, and you’ll have a fun and fair experience wagering on crypto Dice. Get it wrong, and you’ll definitely never see your digital assets again, so pick your crypto casino wisely! That’s something we can help you with – come and find out how!

👉 How do you play Bitcoin Dice?

Come and check out our guide telling you everything you need to know about playing online Dice games using crypto. From how to play, to finding the perfect crypto casino, we’ve got it covered. Our Crash and Plinko reviews also shed light on the gameplay of other popular crypto titles. Come and check this out!

💲 Can I win real money playing crypto Dice?

Online Dice games, such as Craps and Sic Bo, are familiar in online casinos, but crypto Dice games operate a little differently. Find out what they are and how to play them with the help of our beginner’s guide. We’ve got important information to help you pick out a safe and reputable Bitcoin casino too, so you need to see this!

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