Best Plinko crypto casinos 2023

Your guide to Plinko casino gambling

Online casino gaming isn’t just about slots, video poker, blackjack and roulette. There’s a place for the fun and surprisingly entertaining Plinko casino game too, and if you haven’t yet played it, you’re missing out!

Join us as we explore what Plinko is, how you play it and how you can pinpoint the best Plinko crypto casino to sign up to right now. You can’t claim to be a true crypto gamer until you’ve explored at least a few rounds of this engaging wagering game that could have been made for crypto.

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The best plinko crypto casinos

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What is Plinko?

For a game that seems an absolutely perfect fit for blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, it may come as a surprise to some of our younger visitors that, unlike the Crash crypto game, Plinko has been around for years. In fact, it started out as one of the bonus games played during The Price Is Right TV Shows in the 80s. It’s not quite as old as the game we showcase in our Keno game guide, but certainly has earned its stripes. Back in those days, the game was played on a basic vertical rectangular board dotted with pegs, down which contestants slide discs, in the hope of landing them in one of the prize containers at the bottom.

These days, the best Plinko crypto casinos offer games that employ blockchain-based provably fair technology. Wagers are made in virtual currencies, which are stored across vast networks in digital ledgers – something which was still the stuff of science fiction when the first Plinko games played out on TV screens. But the game itself has hardly changed at all, with only a few modest alterations to accommodate the digital wagering enthusiast.

How to play Plinko

As we see with Baccarat in our crypto baccarat guide, there are a few variants of the game available, all of the best Plinko crypto casinos that we’ve come across, seem to use the same basic format. Online Plinko is usually presented in a triangular shape, rather than the original rectangle, with increasing numbers of pins placed in rows to deflect the progress of the Plinko ball as it falls.

At the base of the triangle are a number of colored boxes, each containing a multiplier value. The amounts you’ll win are lower at the center of the prize row, returning less than your original stake. You’ll need to land balls in the outer boxes to win the higher value prizes, although this is harder to achieve.

The game is sometimes referred to as a Plinko slot, with the multiplier boxes referred to as reels. But although there’s a similarity in that the game outcomes are completely random, and can’t be influenced by anything you do, Plinko isn’t really a slot. But once you’ve tried it for yourself, you’ll see that it’s very much a game that could have been created for crypto enthusiasts, even though it’s been around for much longer.

A simple game with a few variables

Like with crypto dice games, you only need to watch a couple of rounds of Plinko to gain an instant understanding of how it works. As each ball drops down, it encounters an increasing number of pegs on each row, with each peg sending the ball in one of two ways. Statistically, there’s more chances of the balls landing towards the center of the bottom row, so that’s where the prizes are lowest. But landing balls further out towards the sides of the grid can result in some big multiplier wins.

There are a few different versions of Plinko, although they all follow the same basic rules. And whichever variant you play, these are the options that you’ll most likely have available to you, so that you can customize gameplay to your own preferences:

  • The size of the grid: No matter how many winning multipliers are shown at the base of your Plinko game, there’s almost always an option to increase them. From a starting point of 8, it may be possible to add another 2, 4, 6, 8 or even 10 more multipliers along the base of the game, giving more potential winning opportunities.
  • The game’s volatility: In our experience, the best Plinko crypto casinos are the ones that allow you to adjust the game’s volatility to suit your budget and your risk profile. Low volatility gameplay offers more frequent wins – although the prizes will be lower. High volatility gameplay increases the risk, but also promises more generous prizes. And then there’s medium volatility, for those seeking the middle ground. These are actual settings that change the behavior of the game. In games like crypto roulette, you adjust the RTP and volatility by simply choosing to play either inside or outside bets.
  • Autoplay: Fun though it is to keep pressing the Play button and introduce another ball to the grid, the Auto feature raises the game another notch. Multiple balls will be released one after another, so there’s a cascade of prizes – although not all of them will return your stake, so always keep an eye on your balance!

Play Plinko at these awesome crypto casinos!

This is how you find the best Plinko crypto casino for you

Plinko is a fun and engaging game that’s perfect for whiling away some time – but only if you choose the right casino operator. Of course, Plinko gambling doesn’t come with any guarantees, but picking a reputable and safe crypto casino is absolutely key to having an enjoyable and fair gaming experience.

Before signing up to any online operator and depositing crypto into your online account, we strongly advise you make the following checks:

1. Is the casino licensed?

Every online casino should be in possession of an industry license, to ensure that it abides by an established code of conduct.

2. What do other users have to say?

Even the briefest of online searches will quickly throw up any recurring issues that other casino users feel you should be aware of.

3. What payment methods are available?

Of course, you can expect all of the best Plinko crypto casinos to accept Bitcoin deposits, but most of them accept other altcoin payments too. Check that crypto withdrawals are also available too, as this isn’t always a given, particularly at hybrid casinos that also accept fiat currencies.

4. Which Plinko games are available?

The BGaming version of Plinko is particularly popular with bettors, but it’s certainly not the only option. Check to see what the top prize payout is for each game, as the amounts can vary. And make sure the variant of Plinko offers the wagering levels that you’re hoping to play at.

5. Which device will you be using?

Most crypto casinos have a desktop website, but if you’re going to be playing on your smartphone, look out for a mobile site and downloadable apps.

6. What support is available?

Every online casino offers customer support, but they don’t all provide the same level of service. You’ll need to know the operating hours and the contact methods, as well as potential waiting times for issues to be resolved.

7. What do our reviews have to say?

If you don’t want to spend potential game-playing time on undertaking a series of crypto casino checks, you could save yourself the trouble and read our reviews instead. Our experts have already assessed every operator featured on our site, so if it’s passed our stringent checks, it’s safe for you to sign up to!

Our reviews tell you all about every operator, making it easy to pick out the crypto casino that will offer you the optimum Plinko gaming experience. We can’t promise you’ll come out ahead of the house, but we can certainly guarantee you’ll have a fair and legitimate gaming session.

Conclusion: the best Plinko crypto casinos are waiting for you right here!

By this point, you’re bound to be itching to explore the gameplay offered by Plinko, and your journey starts right here! Our crypto casino reviews tell you all about what to expect from every operator, so you’ll quickly be able to identify the one that’s right for you. We recommend you explore a few Plinko demo games to begin with, as it’s incredibly easy to lose track of your spending when playing this game! And don’t forget to use the Provably Fair algorithm to check on your game outcomes – it’s just one more way in which the blockchain offers a superior gaming experience.

Be sure to explore the rest of our site while you’re here too. We’ve got everything the ardent crypto fan could possibly need to know, and we’re always keen to share our knowledge. So bookmark our site and keep checking back to find out what’s new!

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Best Plinko Crypto Casinos FAQ

✨ What is Plinko?

Come and read our complete article to find out what Plinko is and how you play it. We’ve got some useful information to help you explore gameplay at the best Plinko crypto casinos too, so there’s absolutely everything you need to get started. Come and see!

❓ Can I play Plinko using Bitcoin?

Come and find out absolutely everything you need to know about Plinko, including whether you can use Bitcoin to play. Staying safe in unregulated markets is a particular concern, but one that we’ve got covered, so if you want to play Plinko at a crypto casino, you need to read this first!

⭐ Which is the best Plinko crypto casino?

No crypto casino can hope to fulfill every player’s expectations, which is why we’re committed to helping you find the one that’s perfect for you! Come and find out what Plinko is, how to play and how to use our comparison guides to find your perfect Plinko partner! Having fun – and staying safe too – has never been so easy!

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