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If you’re as passionate about crypto as we are, and you love playing slots games, have you considered your options for combining your interests and playing online crypto slots?

Cryptocurrencies and online slots games are the perfect combination, and we’re on hand to explain why that is. We’ve looked into all the pros and cons of using cryptocurrency to spin the reels of your favorite slots, and we can even help you pick out the best crypto slots casino for you. So let’s dive straight in!

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What are crypto slots?

Slot machines have been around for decades, first as physical cabinets in bars and casinos, before making their way online. Video slots enable anyone to spin the reels using a computer or handheld device, so you can enjoy gameplay even on the go. From classic fruit-based games with a single payline, through to multi-level slots with side quests and bonus features, these Bitcoin casino games come in every theme imaginable, so there’s something for absolutely everyone.

But now slots games have become a popular choice at online cryptocurrency casinos too, so you don’t have to use fiat currencies to spin the reels. Simply pick out the crypto casino offering the type of slots you love to play, make your deposit in the cryptocurrency of your choice, and start playing. Any wins are paid in crypto too, but apart from that, it’s just like playing slots at any other online casino.

Currency simulators for easier gameplay

Depending on the online casino you select, you might even be able to play games in the fiat currency of your choice – although that will only be for information purposes. These casinos aim to use real-time calculations to keep the various currencies in sync, so you have the impression of playing in a familiar currency. Don’t rely on the stated amounts though, as it’s the crypto prices that actually count!

It’s possible to find a crypto slot casino suitable for just about every type of slots player – and that’s something we’d be delighted to help you with. But first, let’s take a close-up look at the pros and cons of playing slots games using cryptocurrency, so you can determine whether it’s right for you.

The pros of crypto slots

It’s easy to get started

Playing online slots games using cryptocurrency to power the reels is simple and straightforward. From finding your perfect crypto casino, to spinning the reels of one of its slot games, could take as little as a few minutes – and that’s something no fiat currency casino can offer!

Transactions are instant

Sign up to an online casino using traditional fiat currencies and you can expect lengthy delays when it comes to processing payments. But that’s certainly not the case when depositing or withdrawing crypto – transactions are usually completed within minutes – as compared to several days when banks or other intermediaries are involved.

You control your assets

Using cryptocurrency to play online slots gives you complete control over your funds, as only you hold the private keys. This ensures that any crypto held within your player account at your chosen casino remains under your control at all times.  And that leads us nicely on to our next point, regarding privacy.

You can keep your details completely private

In our experience, one of the major advantages of using crypto to play your favorite slots is the anonymity it offers. And if you’ve previously played slots – or any other games –  at one of the more traditional online casinos, you’ll likely appreciate how important that is.

Sign up to an online casino using fiat currency, and it’s not unusual to run into problems almost immediately. Some financial institutions prevent you from using their payment methods to access gambling sites, meaning they can control how and where you spend your own money.

But that’s something you won’t have to worry about when using crypto. You hold the keys to your funds, so you decide what to do with them.

Some crypto slots casinos  allow you to sign up using only an email address, so you don’t even have to give out your address and contact information. If you value privacy above all else, this makes using cryptocurrency casinos for your slots gaming the obvious choice.

You won’t have to pay transaction fees

Another major factor to take into consideration when powering your slots play using crypto, is the lack of transaction fees. There are no banks or other financial institutions demanding a cut of your funds, so you get to keep all of the winnings you spin up.

Crypto slots offer provably fair gameplay

Blockchain technology may have been developed for cryptocurrencies, but it’s becoming widespread for a host of other applications, including provably fair gaming. So you’ll find crypto casinos offer a number of provably fair games, many of which are online slots, that you can check, to make sure the outcomes aren’t rigged in any way.

Only crypto casinos can offer provably fair games, thanks to the nature of blockchain technology. The outcome of any given slots or crypto blackjack game is decided even before the player has initiated the spin of the reels, and this can be checked and verified by the player, following every gaming session.

You’ll benefit from a lower house edge

Cryptocurrency casinos don’t have to pay fees to financial institutions for processing payments, so they benefit from lower overheads. And most of them are extremely keen to pay out better returns to their members in celebration, leading to additional benefits for you! Not only can you expect a lower house edge when playing cryptocurrency slot games, but the bonuses are usually extra generous too!

You’ll discover exclusive games

Every slots enthusiast is always on the lookout for new crypto games, packed with exciting bonus features. And when you sign up to a crypto casino you can expect to encounter plenty of new and exclusive slots, many of which will have been created specifically for that operator. If you like to be one of the first to discover new games, a crypto casino is the place to find them!

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The cons of crypto slots

Crypto slots have loads of pros, but there will always be one or two cons. Here are some you can consider when playing crypto slots:

Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile

The volatility of crypto makes it highly attractive to investors but doesn’t necessarily offer the best potential returns for slots gaming fans.

There’s no support for lost cryptocurrency

Crypto operates completely independently from all traditional financial institutions, but that means there’s no redress if you send your funds to the wrong address, or if you change your mind about a transaction.

Crypto casinos aren’t highly regulated

Sign up to a traditional online casino, and provided that you’ve picked a reputable operator, you can be sure it’s in possession of a license from a reputable industry regulator. That’s not necessarily the case with a crypto casino, so there are more opportunities for scammers to set up fake, but convincing, websites.

Conclusion: we can help you find your perfect crypto slots casino

If you’ve invested in crypto because you like to be on the cutting edge of new and upcoming technology, it makes perfect sense to explore the world of igaming using digital funds too. And if you’re a slots player looking for some new online worlds to conquer, then crypto slots could be the next logical step on your reel-spinning journey.

Take a look around our site, and you’ll find we’ve got absolutely everything you need to get started with picking out the crypto casino that’s perfect for you. We’ve got informative reviews and comparisons, so you can narrow down your options and select the features and games that will give you the optimum gaming experience. We’ve even got some useful guides to help you make the most of every wagering opportunity that comes your way, so be sure to take a look around our site while you’re here!

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Crypto Slots FAQ

🎰 Can I play online slots using crypto?

If you’ve invested in crypto then you’re already ahead of the curve, so come and find out how to make the most of the opportunities it gives you! We’ll explain the advantages of using digital funds to power online gaming sessions, as well as potential disadvantages. If you like the idea of playing slots using crypto, you need to see this!

👉 Is it safe to play online crypto slots?

Cryptocurrencies operate within unregulated markets, so there are certainly risks involved in using them to power your slots gaming. But we’ve done a whole heap of research to track down the safest places to play online slots using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin or other cryptocurrencies. You need to check this out, along with our crypto poker guide!

🎲 Why should I sign up to a crypto slots casino?

If you love playing online slots, but you also like to keep up to speed with the latest technology, a cryptocurrency casino could be just the thing for you. Come and find out all about the pros and cons with our crypto games reviews, so you can decide whether it’s the perfect option for you right now. This will definitely help you make up your mind!

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