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Find the best crypto gambling sites India has at the moment!

Crypto gambling in India has everything even the most discerning of fans could need to find their perfect online betting experience. This is thanks to cryptocurrencies opening up a whole universe of places for anyone to gamble online.

However, just because those options exist, that doesn’t mean you won’t need some guidance to crypto gambling sites in India to find one that works best for you. For starters, how do you stay safe? What advantages do they offer? All this and more will be answered right here. Consider this your launching pad to crypto gambling excellence.

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Top crypto gambling sites in India

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What do we mean by crypto gambling in India?

Just so we’re totally clear, we’re going to discuss exactly what we mean by crypto gambling in India before we go any further.

Firstly, cryptocurrencies are decentralized digital currencies. The most common example you’ll most likely have heard of is Bitcoin. There’s more to it than that, but in terms of the absolute basics, that’s all you really need to know.

When we talk about crypto gambling and India specifically, we’re referring to residents of India using these types of currencies to gamble – either via sports markets or casino games. The only difference between crypto gambling Canada and India, or any other country, is the residents for which our discussion and recommendations are relevant.

The subjects of both cryptocurrencies and gambling are often subject to a great deal of legal scrutiny. This is the case whether we’re talking about crypto gambling sites Australia or India – it’s pretty much the case the world over. And the easiest way to understand this is by breaking it down.

The gambling side of things is fairly simple. Gambling is generally legal in India, however, it does depend on the individual states to formulate the laws for their jurisdictions. That said, online gambling is still largely unregulated. In most states, there are no laws prohibiting online betting and there are certainly no state laws preventing it.

Similarly, cryptocurrencies are in a legal gray area. Nonetheless, what’s important is that there is no law prohibiting them. Rather, they’re not “legal tender” meaning they cannot be used as a replacement for the Indian rupee. Essentially, they’re not recognized either way by the government – except in the case of taxes. Similar to the crypto gambling taxes Canada situation, it’s generally viewed that they should be incorporated within income tax, although again, guidance on this is rather gray.

Put simply, while the laws are vague, the key takeaway for those looking for crypto gambling sites in India is that there are no laws (except in some rare state-specific instances) stopping you from betting online or from using cryptocurrencies at the time of writing.

How to stay safe when betting with crypto in India

The lack of regulation around crypto gambling means it’s even more important to make sure you’re safe when betting online. To be clear, this only means you need to be more diligent regarding who you bet with. You can stay safe while utilizing crypto gambling sites in India just by following a few simple steps. Here’s five that we consider most important:

Read our reviews and recommendations

No betting site can get our seal of approval without meeting the highest possible standards when it comes to security. That’s why, if you want a quick and easy way of ensuring that any site offers excellent safety measures, you should check out our expert reviews. 

Check out their security credentials for yourself

If you want to go further and check out how the security of crypto gambling sites in India stacks up for yourself, doing so is pretty simple. We’d suggest you start by checking for a license. Remember crypto betting means access to an international selection, so reputable licenses from all over the world may be found. You can then look for information on encryption, privacy policy, terms and conditions and responsible gaming policies, to get a good overview of their security credentials. 

Look up customer feedback

One really great way of getting the most up-to-date insights of how well a betting site is providing for its user base is to check out any customer feedback available. These can’t always be found but when they can, they’re a treasure trove of first-hand experience. One place you can look is the Android and Apple app stores, which can provide an excellent overview of how happy users are right now. If there are any security issues, it’s very likely to come up in this feedback. 

Only use promotions with fair terms and conditions

Safety isn’t just about whether a site has encryption and a good reputation – although those things are important. It’s also vital that you’re treated fairly. One great way of testing this out is by checking the terms and conditions of any promotions available and seeing if they’re reasonable. Wagering requirements and time limits are a great place to start, as well as if they are relevant for crypto gambling users in India. 

Practise responsible gaming

There’s also your personal safety to consider. This means staying within your limits, not chasing losses and not betting emotionally. Remember those responsible gaming tools we talked about? If they’re useful at all, use them, and walk away if gambling ever stops being fun for you. 

The advantages of crypto betting sites over traditional betting

If you’re brand new to crypto gambling, you may be wondering what advantages they have over traditional betting sites. To be clear, when we say traditional betting sites, we’re talking about those which utilize the Indian Rupee and fiat payment methods, such as debit card. Many people will already be using these sites, so why consider making the switch? Here are three key reasons we think crypto gambling sites in India are worthy of your consideration:

1. Security and anonymity

Cryptocurrencies which utilize blockchain technology have inherent principles which makes them more secure than traditional payment methods. They’re based on decentralization and cryptography, without a singular point of failure, making them very hard to corrupt. They also offer additional anonymity, which is important for many people.

Furthermore, the greater choice offered – especially when it comes to crypto gambling in India – means you have a broader selection of safe, reputable options.

2. Greater international appeal

Let’s try and put into perspective the sheer amount of options we’re talking about. There are none of the usual barriers when it comes to cryptocurrency, and that international appeal isn’t just part of the charm. It’s a vital reason to consider crypto for online betting. When we talk about crypto betting sites in India, we’re simply talking about those which are suitable for an Indian audience. In reality, you have a whole world of operators at your fingertips. If you want, you can also explore the best options for crypto gambling UK. There are no limits and that means you can find whatever kind of betting site you’re interested in. So, you can be as picky as you want.

3. Protection from inflation

This is one big advantage many cryptocurrencies have over fiat currencies (that is, currencies created by a government). While fiat currencies will generally devalue in time – due to the need for money creation – many cryptos have a set number of coins, meaning they’re protected against this because of the fixed supply.

There are some exceptions to this rule – such as Dogecoin, which is deflationary because there’s no ceiling on the number of coins that will be created. But many of the top crypto options, including Bitcoin, Binance Coin and Ripple, all offer this logistical protection against inflation.

Play at these crypto gambling sites for India

What crypto betting sites have in common with fiat currency operators

Crypto gambling sites in India actually have more in common with their traditional counterparts than they have distinctions. Don’t get us wrong, the advantages that crypto offers are extremely significant, but you can still expect all the great things you’ve come to love about betting online, and then some. To prove this point, here’s a breakdown of some benefits that crypto and fiat currency betting sites share:

  • Great bonus offers: There’s no need to miss out on great bonus offers whatever currency you prefer. If anything, crypto gambling in India means even more promotions because there are so many more sites to choose from. Always remember too, there’s nothing stopping you from signing up to as many betting sites as you want and enjoying multiple promotions.
  • General site quality: Your finest crypto gambling sites in India will be as good from a technical point of view as the finest betting sites out there. This means no need to compromise on site design and quality, loading times or live streams, to give a few examples.
  • User-friendliness: One thing we take seriously when it comes to our recommendations is how user-friendly a site or app is. We want everyone to enjoy the best crypto gambling sites in India – not just experienced gamblers and crypto enthusiasts. This is especially important for crypto gambling because newcomers can have the wrong idea about the complexity of crypto betting. A good operator should make the process easier.
  • Safety: Not only can crypto betting sites in India be as secure as fiat currency equivalents, but actually, if everything else is equal, they should be even safer. This is because of the security and anonymity advantages cryptos have over traditional payment methods.
  • Customer service: It’s vital to have quality customer service, from the FAQ page to contact methods. The gold standard for crypto betting sites in India would be the same as anywhere else, which is around the clock live chat, provided to a high standard. This should be backed by a site which generally explains itself well. The method of currency makes no difference to our expectations.
  • Mobile accessibility: For many people, mobile apps are how they prefer to bet. It may even be the only way they bet. So, the greatest crypto gambling sites in India should have an excellent mobile offering too. Apps are preferred over mobile browsers (although the latter can still be good), and all the elements we’ve considered here are just as important on the smaller screen.
  • Betting variety: Not only can you expect great betting variety from crypto betting in India, but you should be able to enjoy considerably more choice. Whether it’s the Indian Premier League, your favorite slot games or something more obscure, your cryptocurrency should be able to take you anywhere you want to go in terms of betting variety.

Considerations if you’re new to crypto betting in India

While using crypto gambling sites in India is pretty straightforward, there are some key things to keep in mind. Don’t worry though, they’re all nice and simple, and shouldn’t affect your online betting experience.

These mainly revolve around your initial purchase of cryptocurrency. If you haven’t actually bought crypto yet, you need to head over to an exchange, buy whicher crypto is right for you, add that in a wallet and then transfer it to your betting account using the relevant details. All this shouldn’t take very long, and then you’re good to go.

The only other consideration is that you’ll need to find a betting site which accepts cryptocurrency – of which, thankfully, they are many.

Conclusion: An excellent choice for fans of crypto gambling in India

When we talk about crypto gambling in India, we really mean the ability for Indians to travel the world in terms of online betting options utilizing cryptocurrencies. If you’re on the fence on whether crypto betting is worth your while, we’d say the explosion of choice it offers more than justifies the effort. Plus, remember that with all these advantages, there’s not much to compromise – except perhaps several minutes of your time transferring funds. The standards of cryptocurrency betting sites are now so excellent across the world, that there’s never been a better time to explore them.

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Crypto gambling in India FAQ

✅What advantages are there to betting with crypto in India?

If you’re thinking about making the move to betting with cryptocurrencies, you may be wondering what advantages this offers Indian players compared to simply using the Indian Rupee, or indeed, any other fiat currency. Our comprehensive look at crypto gambling in India will spell out exactly why it’s worthy of your consideration.

💻Is there a large variety of crypto betting sites available to Indians?

While there are some operators which offer both cryptocurrencies and fiat currency options, that’s not always the case for many crypto betting sites. That means, if you’re considering switching to crypto betting, the variety that’s available to you is incredibly important in being able to find the right betting site. As part of our guide to Indian crypto gambling, we’ll explore the level of variety you can expect.

❓Is Indian crypto betting online legal?

The legality of both online betting generally and cryptocurrencies in India are subjects which are commonly misunderstood. As these questions are very relevant to our look at all things India crypto betting related, we’ll be answering them in as much detail as we possibly can. That way, you can know where you stand from a legal perspective.

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