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It’s easy to play Slide!

We know how exciting playing a new crypto-based casino game can be. So, we wanted to determine how well Slide performs and created this Slide guide, especially for you.

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How to play Slide – Ins and outs of the game

Slide is a ‘Stake Original’ game created to give players a more exciting way to see their bets generate returns. If you’re looking to play this game, you’ll first need to place a bet, which can be small or more significant, perfect for customers with various budgets and skill levels.

Multiplier game

The aim is to choose a multiplier amount (for example, 5x) and the game will slide through many different multiplier values until it stops. If it stops on the number you chose or above, you will win the amount you predicted. So if the slider stopped on a 10x multiplier, your bet would increase by that initial 5x you predicted, not 10x. If the slider stops on a multiplier less than 5x, you will lose the amount you bet. It’s an excellent way to try your luck, as with other games. It’s randomly generated, so you can ensure each round isn’t biased regardless of how much you’re looking to spend.

Benefits of cryptocurrency payments for casino gambling

If you’re considering using a crypto-based casino platform like, we wanted to highlight a few advantages of using cryptocurrencies instead of traditional methods like fiat coins. At, we want our readers to determine which is the most suitable payment option for them. So if you’re unfamiliar with digital currencies, we hope these benefits will help make your decision easier when you play Slide online.

1. Streamlined deposits and withdrawals

Our review discovered that customers using various digital currencies could take advantage of the simple ways to deposit and withdraw funds. Whether you decide to play Slide or another game, like Keno, it is pretty easy to put money into your account. All you’ll need is a crypto wallet to transfer your funds from, which you can create quickly if you don’t already have one. You can find some of the best crypto exchanges to purchase the digital funds you plan to use for the casino and transfer how much you want to start playing the casino games. Setting up your account will generally take a few minutes to complete, meaning customers can focus on more essential things like how to play Slide or which casino games to try next.

2. Anonymity online

Cryptocurrencies work in an unregulated system using advanced blockchain technology. This ensures customers’ data isn’t shared outside of the platform with a central government or a third party. Whether you’re a customer who wants to deposit significant amounts or you’re someone who wants to start with something smaller, you’ll be happy to know your transactions won’t be monitored by an outside source.

This is excellent for customers who want more security when gambling online, as some platforms may not be the best at keeping their users’ data safe. When using, our review found they have advanced SSL encryption available to help you avoid hackers and scammers and improve your overall experience.

3. Extensive range of cryptos to choose from

There are over 100 cryptocurrencies accepted on So if you’re looking to start playing Slide and don’t want to choose the most common digital coin, Bitcoin, you can select from their extensive range until you find the crypto for you. Some familiar names include Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, EOS, Tron and Ripple. Each digital coin has its own minimum deposit and withdrawal amount, so look at the platforms’ terms and conditions to confirm how much you’ll need to put into your account to access the full range of casino games.

Tips to enhance your Slide casino experience

At, we want potential customers to understand how you can take your online casino gambling experience to the next level. So we detailed our top tips to help you make the most of, whether you’re playing Scarab Spin or interested in Slide.

Stick to a budget

One of the essential tips to improving your Slide casino experience is to create a budget and keep track of it. You might be using the casino every day, week or month, so we advise you to know how much you will spend each time you use If you’re a beginner casino gambler, this is important as you might be having a winning streak on a slot machine game one day, but the next could have the opposite experience. As long as you can take control of how much cryptocurrency you’re willing to spend, your performance will develop the more you use the casino.

Prepare for wins and losses

Our Slide guide found that you will have returns and losses when customers are casino gambling, like any other betting category. This is the exciting part of crypto casino gambling. We recommend you look at the small print of games on to discover which RTP% (return to player percentage) is the highest and which games are better suited to align with your betting needs. Thankfully, has a community of players who use their forum to discuss the strategies that worked for them as well as the ones that didn’t. So we suggest you utilize the resources available to you and bet no more than you are willing to lose, to avoid disappointment.

Practice your technique

When playing Slide and other crypto casino games on, we think potential customers should practice their strategies to help them become more comfortable online and improve their chances of generating returns. Our website looks at some of the key features of, like how there aren’t any welcome bonuses. However, if you’re an existing customer, you’ll be entitled to use some of their generous promotions to help enhance your performance the more you play. So we suggest members take advantage of the resources online and additional help to give you more opportunities to try your chances betting on casino games.

Conclusion – Try Slide using cryptocurrencies today

Overall, our team found that Slide was a great game for crypto casino players to try their luck whether they’re new to the crypto gambling market or have had experience. Our Slide guide highlighted what makes digital currency payments an efficient way of placing deposits and withdrawals while enhancing your experience in the long run. We recommend trying Slide if you’re looking for a game on which you can grow your performance.

At, we looked at a range of games available on this platform, including Wheel, to determine which games are best suited for customers depending on their betting requirements and skill levels. So check out our website to discover more potential crypto-based games to try your techniques on. Slide FAQ

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✍Is Slide an easy to play casino game?

Customers looking to expand the range of online casino games may be interested in Slide as an option. Our latest review looks at the ins and outs of the game, so to determine if it’s easy to play, check out today.

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