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Discover the best crypto gambling sites UK has to offer!

What better way to vastly enhance the scale of options available to a relatively small set of islands – to open up the online betting world for UK residents – than by utilizing crypto gambling sites in the UK?

It certainly sounds good on paper, providing access to an online universe with just a few clicks. However, does the reality live up to that tantalizing promise? That’s what our crypto gambling UK guide is here to find out. We’ll explore whether it’s safe, legal, and what the benefits are, so you can go forth with crypto betting confidence.


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Amazing UK crypto gambling sites

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The current state of online gambling in the UK

If we were to sum up the state of online betting generally for the UK, we’d say that it’s among the best in the world. There’s an enormous selection of world class betting sites, including many of the biggest names in the industry. This vast array of options offer virtually any kind of betting you can imagine – many of which can be considered to be at the highest possible standards.

This is partly thanks to the UK Gambling Commission, which provides a safe platform for the finest to thrive. Operators have also been able to offer services to the UK for a longer period than many other markets. For example, crypto gambling Canada is currently in a very different place because they’re so new to online betting compared to the UK. We can’t imagine a better starting point for a thriving crypto gambling scene to emerge.

What are cryptocurrencies and how do crypto gambling sites in the UK fit into all of this?

It would seem as though the UK is the perfect place for a crypto gambling site to call home. That said, there are a few things to take into account.

Firstly, let’s talk about what cryptos are and how that relates to their legality. It’s important to note that you don’t need to understand the technical side of cryptos to utilize them. All you need to know is that cryptocurrencies are a digital currency that you can use to pay for goods and services. They’re considered very secure, and utilize blockchain technology and cryptography to stay safe.

However, they’re also the subject of some controversy. Cryptocurrencies are decentralized, which means they’re not backed by any government. In some places, they’re also illegal.

Thankfully, this is not the case in the UK. Cryptocurrencies are legal to use. This means that crypto gambling sites in the UK can exist both legally and safely. However, cryptos aren’t considered legal tender in the UK. In other words, cryptos are not an official currency.

This has a couple of important implications. One is that it’s down to the individual site whether or not they choose to offer crypto as a payment method. Don’t worry though, plenty of them do. The other is related to tax. While gambling is typically not taxed in the UK, cryptocurrencies in general are subject to capital gains or income tax. This is very similar to the situation with crypto gambling taxes canada.

Put simply, a betting site can offer crypto gambling in the UK legally and safely – and many do. In fact, many operators that have long offered services in the UK generally have now evolved to offer cryptocurrency betting. The way crypto gambling sites fit in with the already blossoming UK betting scene is simple: they offer more choice and more ways to pay.

The biggest benefits of crypto gambling in the UK

We now know that crypto gambling in the UK is both legal and safe. But that doesn’t necessarily answer the question as to why you should choose crypto over standard payment options. They aren’t just alternatives for the sake of it – they come with real tangible benefits. Here’s five of what we consider to be the best reasons to try out crypto gambling sites in the UK:

Additional safety benefits

Cryptocurrencies have a well-earned reputation for security. There’s a few key reasons for this. There are inherent safety benefits of the blockchain technology used by many types of cryptocoins. They’re secured by cryptography, which makes them trustworthy and secure, and very tough for criminals to attack, as decentralization means there’s no single entry point to the database. They also offer additional anonymity benefits. If you’re looking for a way to enhance your online security when betting online, crypto betting might be the way to go. 

International choice and competition

While the UK already enjoyed excellent variety in its betting sites without the addition of crypto, the more, the merrier when it comes to betting options. There are some localisation considerations, but it wouldn’t be unusual to see a list of the finest crypto gambling sites Australia and crypto gambling sites in the UK to have plenty in common. Beyond that, cryptos are like a passport to a huge number of betting possibilities.

In addition, remember that you can sign up to as many sites and use as many currencies as you want. There’s nothing stopping you from using both a crypto and fiat betting operator. In the case of some multi-faceted operators, they may even offer both. And even if you don’t personally choose to have multiple betting sites, you can still think of this as a good thing. More sites means more competition, meaning the standards of online gambling generally improve. 

More promotions

Another benefit of more competition is that betting sites want to incentivise you to pick them over all the others. This can have positive effects generally, but perhaps few are as exciting as the enormous selection of promotions out there. Again, you can use as many sites and as many promotions as their terms allow. Keep in mind too that operators providing crypto gambling in the UK often have crypto-exclusive offers you won’t find anywhere else. 

Unique games

Gambling with cryptocurrencies sure has come a long way since its inception. At one time, it was pretty rare to find betting sites that offered both fiat and cryptocurrencies. Now, it’s fairly common. There were certainly many fewer crypto gambling sites in the UK a few years ago. However, there was also creativity from the off.

One thing we love about crypto gambling is that there are unique games that have lasted since those early days. These include  Crash games – where success is based on when you cash out. These have actually become so popular, they’ve made their way onto mainstream sites. But they still have their origins, and are often more prominently provided, on crypto-focused betting sites. This is just one example: check out your operator to see what unique games are available. 

A way to enjoy your crypto investments

It’s likely if you’re reading this that you either have crypto or are interested in getting involved in cryptocurrencies. The more ways in which you can use it, the better. Being able to gamble online easily with trustworthy operators is just one example of how cryptos are becoming more mainstream. And quite simply, that’s just a great, fun option to have for someone who wishes to use an alternative currency. After all, betting online should always be fun – this is just another means to enjoy them. 

Security and crypto gambling in the UK: How to make sure you’re safe

It’s true that cryptocurrencies have security advantages over traditional currencies. That’s the case for crypto gambling sites India, Europe, America, Australia – anywhere you care to think of, including the UK. That’s because those security benefits are inherent to the technology.

However, that doesn’t mean every crypto betting site will be entirely safe, fair, or trustworthy. To help, we ensure that any site we recommend lives up to our incredibly high security standards. Nonetheless. if you’re interested in understanding how we measure security for crypto gambling sites in the UK or want to do some checks for yourself, here are some key questions to ask:

  • Is the site licensed? For the UK, the relevant license is from the UK Gambling Commission. It’s one of many licensing bodies found throughout the world.
  • Is the site encrypted? You can often find this information on their privacy policy, which will also explain how your data is used.
  • Are their terms and conditions fair? From general site terms to promotional terms, these essentially lay out the rules of using the site. Whether they’re fair or not will have a huge impact on your enjoyment of a site.
  • Do they have a sensible responsible gaming policy? Both tools and advice should be provided to assist people in using the site safely. This is important even if you don’t personally require such assistance, as it’s a vital indicator of how seriously a site takes their responsibilities to their users.
  • Is the banking process safe and fair? Of course, you’ll want to know that they have the crypto options you want. In addition, the banking process should be as fair and simple as it could possibly be. For instance, there shouldn’t be any unreasonable additional charges to your transactions.
  • What’s their reputation? If possible, check out other customers’ reviews of the site to get an overview of other people’s experiences. Safety and fairness issues are always top topics in such feedback, so these sources can be illuminating. It’s also good to check their general reputation to see if there have been any significant security breaches in their history, and if there’s any reason to think they’re anything other than trustworthy.

Five great UK crypto gambling sites

Mobile crypto gambling in the UK

We’re well aware that many of our readers prefer to gamble via mobile. If that sounds like you, then you may be wondering whether crypto gambling in the UK will affect your ability to wager on the go. Well, it’s good news. If you’re using a betting site which offers both fiat currency and crypto options, and they have quality app options, your choice of payment method shouldn’t make a difference.

If you’re moving to a crypto site you haven’t used before, then their mobile options are on an operator-by-operator basis – just as they would be regardless of how you pay. There was a time several years ago when crypto betting was less mainstream and was less likely to provide mobile apps. But we’d say that the difference in app availability from fiat currency to crypto betting sites now is fairly negligible.

The apps available from crypto-focused operators are often excellent and cutting-edge, offering tons of great eSports markets, creative promotions and design innovations. So there’s no need to compromise.

Conclusion: A world of possibilities with crypto gambling sites in the UK

UK crypto gambling is a welcome addition to what could already be considered one of the best places in the world for betting online. Our UK readers will be used to very high standards – and they can expect them to only be enhanced by crypto gambling sites in the UK.

There are also several advantages to using crypto. Alongside all that extra choice, there are also safety and promotional benefits further sweetening the deal. And importantly, you can enjoy all of this without having to make any concessions. There’s nothing significant we can think of that you can’t do with crypto gambling compared with fiat currency options. In fact, if you want, you can utilize both – as much or as little and on as many sites as you wish. Really, that’s the magic of crypto gambling in the UK: the ability to choose.

Top crypto bonuses in the UK

Crypto gambling in the UK FAQ

✅Can I legally bet with cryptocurrencies in the UK?

In order to understand gambling with cryptocurrencies in the UK, the first thing to wrap your head around is whether it’s legal. Only then can we understand whether it’s safe to recommend any kind of crypto betting option within the UK. Our guide to all things crypto and betting related in the UK will be answering that legal question in depth as part of our extensive guide.

👍What are the advantages of using UK cryptocurrency betting sites?

Whether or not it’s worth betting with cryptocurrencies for you essentially comes down to what benefits they have compared to traditional payment options. Exactly why should you choose cryptos over fiat currencies? We’ll be showcasing a selection of advantages for betting with crypto in the UK to help you figure out whether they’re the right alternative for your online gambling needs.

📱Can I bet on UK cryptocurrency betting sites on mobile?

For many people, cryptocurrency or not, the only way to bet is via mobile. That’s why it’s so important for our guide on cryptos and gambling in the UK to make clear what the situation is with regards to mobile availability. That way, everyone, no matter how they like to bet, can know what to expect.

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